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The Role of APIs for Business

by Paul Fisher

... seek to access it. The principles of least privilege should also ... be applied to API access; this ... the access in line with the principles of least privilege. For ... example, an application could have a token for read-only access ... where API Access Management platforms come into the picture. API Access Management platforms ... offer access management tools, like those found in traditional IAM and PAM ... jpg By deploying API Access Management, IT management and security teams can ...


Identity for All – Not for the Few

by Richard Hill

... a result, many companies have deployed Access Management solutions like single sign-on ... in digital transformation and why access management solutions cannot compensate for a comprehensive ... core parts of identity and access management under those categories of administration ... of the core identity and access management functionality or what we consider ... are over-privileged allowing you to strive for least privilege access within those ... , SailPoint has also delivered final access management a number of years ago, ...


Executive View: Securonix Security Analytics Platform - 72507

by Alexei Balaganski

... analytics products in areas like Privilege Management, Application Security, Network Security, Data ... with third party IAM, DLP, PAM, SIEM and other security tools ... , which can automatically identify high-privileged human, service and shared accounts ... standalone or integrate with leading PxM solutions to improve protection against ... Information Security and Identity and Access Management (IAM). KuppingerCole stands for ... relevant aspects like: Identity and Access Management (IAM), Governance & Auditing Tools, ...


Analyst Chat #49: There is More to IAM Processes than JML

by Martin Kuppinger

... . When I talk about identity and access management processes, I usually start with a statement ... you also have access management, access management is Federation. We have privileged access management and where we ... and quickly onboarded. So that access management access provisioning can happen very quickly ... ITA, for access management, for privileged access management, but talking about privileged access management or Pam there also, you ...

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IaaS Tenant Security Controls

by Mike Small

... , media processing workflows, content management, web servers, container storage, ... monitoring and anomaly detection. Access Management The need to identify users ... used for identity and access management this could lead to ... a failure to manage access privileges and remove access rights when employees leave ... policies.• Access to pricing, usage, and billing. Compliance Management The service ... Blueprint: Access Governance and Privilege Management - 79045 Architecture Blueprint: Identity and Access Management - 72550


Analyst Chat #41: NIST’s Zero Trust Architecture

by John Tolbert

... . And that includes the least privilege principle and the principle of ... my heart, of course, identity management architectures. So if you combine ... those two security principles, least privilege and defense and depth. It ... to bring in identity and access management. I am really the core of ... people focus on the least privileged defense and depth part. Right ... around cyber security and identity management. And we are very familiar ... principles under zero trust likelys privilege and defense in depth. We ...


Ransomware Criminals Have Raised the Stakes with Sodinokibi

by Paul Fisher

... vulnerabilities, as it gains “legitimate” access to data through stolen credentials ... and services. Which is why PAM (Privileged Account Management) is essential in today ... When too many users have access to critical data and systems ... where Privileged Account and Admins often have too much access. Best ... personalized access to the systems at all. Of course, a management platform ... over patch management. A robust IAM and PAM solution will prevent “access creep” ... ransom if they can’t get access to your critical systems.


Smart IAM Services for the Modern Digital Enterprise

by Matthias Reinwarth

... for organizations. However, the management of these things remains less ... adding that to the access rights management of an IGA often ... sense it's it is authorization management. So the assignment, the ... in creating the right access management and achieving least privileged assignment. So having ... all users have that access that ... they cover the aspects of access management and authorization, and they use ... organization themselves do the employee management in terms of contracts ...

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IT-GRC Tools

by Paul Fisher

... are cybersecurity, Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Privilege Access Management (PAM). But at the administrative ... from IT security threats and access management vulnerabilities. The analytics and data ... Relevance Control Monitoring Audit Management Risk Management IT Management Content Library & Online Support ... of useful module such as Access Violation Management that can monitor usage ... key areas: regulatory compliance management, risk management, audit management, risk governance, third party ...


Making Zero Trust Work With the NIST Framework

by Matthias Reinwarth

... apply the privilege of this privileged concept and to the access and make ... this, you know, intelligent access management that you provide to, to ... of, you know, intelligent passwordless access management was UBS. And so, ... want to create an intelligent access management system that can be ... intelligent decision. What type of access management do I need? And th ... like traditional web access management, most of the UBS access to desktops ... gives an overview how intelligent access management can enable something like ...