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EIC Speaker Spotlight: Patrick Parker

... privileges is a huge security risk for organizations who are hackers have access ... for it and identity and access management, specifically the complex permissions ... the front line requesting access, delivering access, fulfilling access, auditing access. They shouldn't ... -based access. So monitoring activities, understanding who's actually using privileges, what ... now extending into identity and access management functions, Salesforce and others, ... manual where they have super privileged access. And so the platform ...


Whitepaper Identity for the Business: Identity Fabrics supporting the Digital Transformation

by Martin Kuppinger

... identities) and IAM (Identity and Access Management, adding the aspect of managing ... the employees and their access, while the Identity Management root is in ... and telecommunication services to access these records. Identity Management must shift from ... the related challenges for consent management and access controls. Data of smart ... from Identity Provisioning and Access Governance capabilities to Access Management, Single Sign-On ... by other services such as Privileged Access Management (PAM), which are not supported by ...


Identity for All – Not for the Few

by Richard Hill

... a result, many companies have deployed Access Management solutions like single sign-on ... in digital transformation and why access management solutions cannot compensate for a comprehensive ... core parts of identity and access management under those categories of administration ... of the core identity and access management functionality or what we consider ... are over-privileged allowing you to strive for least privilege access within those ... , SailPoint has also delivered final access management a number of years ago, ...

Advisory Note

Advisory Note The Role of APIs for Business

by Paul Fisher

... seek to access it. The principles of least privilege should also ... be applied to API access; this ... the access in line with the principles of least privilege. For ... example, an application could have a token for read-only access ... API Access Management platforms come into the picture. API Access Management platforms ... access management tools, like those found in traditional IAM and PAM ... organization. By deploying API Access Management, IT management and security teams can ...


Analyst Chat #49: There is More to IAM Processes than JML

by Martin Kuppinger

... . When I talk about identity and access management processes, I usually start with a statement ... you also have access management, access management is Federation. We have privileged access management and where we ... and quickly onboarded. So that access management access provisioning can happen very quickly ... ITA, for access management, for privileged access management, but talking about privileged access management or Pam there also, you ...


Whitepaper Why Your Organization Needs Data-centric Security

by Alexei Balaganski

... database management to be completely separated from normal access to ... with excessive privileges. Malicious insiders like rogue administrators or privileged executives. ... its criticality and compliance requirements. Access Management and Segregation of Duties: ... provide dynamic, policy-based access management based on context provided by ... and remove excessive privileges and prevent administrators from accessing sensitive data. ... respond appropriately. Control validation (access management and SoD) For both compliance ...


Ransomware Criminals Have Raised the Stakes with Sodinokibi

by Paul Fisher

... vulnerabilities, as it gains “legitimate” access to data through stolen credentials ... and services. Which is why PAM (Privileged Account Management) is essential in today ... When too many users have access to critical data and systems ... where Privileged Account and Admins often have too much access. Best ... personalized access to the systems at all. Of course, a management platform ... over patch management. A robust IAM and PAM solution will prevent “access creep” ... ransom if they can’t get access to your critical systems.

Executive View

Executive View Oracle Cloud Guard

by Mike Small

... leading to excessive privileges and dormant credentials. The access controls on cloud ... should be covered include administrator privileges, excessive access rights to assets and ... . Does not cover access governance such as excessive privileges and orphan accounts ... - 80079 Architecture Blueprint: Identity and Access Management - 72550 Architecture Blueprint: Hybrid Cloud ... Architecture Blueprint: Access Governance and Privilege Management - 79045 Architecture Blueprint: Identity and Access Management - 72550 ...


Analyst Chat #41: NIST’s Zero Trust Architecture

by John Tolbert

... . And that includes the least privilege principle and the principle of ... my heart, of course, identity management architectures. So if you combine ... those two security principles, least privilege and defense and depth. It ... to bring in identity and access management. I am really the core of ... people focus on the least privileged defense and depth part. Right ... around cyber security and identity management. And we are very familiar ... principles under zero trust likelys privilege and defense in depth. We ...


Whitepaper Protecting the keys to your kingdom against cyber-attacks and insider threats

by Martin Kuppinger

... Privileged Access Security Suite, is one of the leading providers of Privilege Account Management ... of Endpoint Privilege Management, focusing on the specific aspects of privileged access on ... Management Solution Privilege Account Management is not about a single technical approach. Consistently managing privileged ... of certain privileged accounts. Another capability is Application Privilege Management, supporting both ... cases. Action Plan for Privilege Account Management Privileged Management is a key activity in ...