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Article on „ Identity Management for the cloud – taking the next step” from Martin Kuppinger available

Duesseldorf March, 31st, 2010 - Martin Kuppinger, co-founder and Principal Analyst at Kuppinger Cole, has written an article on the topic of „Identity Management for the Cloud“ in which he explores the reasons why companies and organizations must ask themselves if their Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems are capable of handling not just external users, but external ones as well: suppliers, partners and above all customers. Such comprehensive systems will increasingly become necessary as parts of corporate IT, especially services and data, become cloud-born. Here,...

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Article on "Cloud Computing – a Security Risk?" from Martin Kuppinger available

Duesseldorf March, 04th, 2010 - Martin Kuppinger is Co-Founder and Principal Analyst of Kuppinger Cole. He has written an article entitled “Cloud Computing – a Security Risk?” in which he explores the various and often conflicting definitions of the “Cloud” before turning to the complicated, but vitally important question of cloud security. According to Mr. Kuppinger, cloud computing is at best a “calculated risk”, at least as long as certain strategic preconditions are met, which he describes in detail.
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