Wiesbaden, Germany – March 12, 2024 – In their co-authored Leadership Compass report on Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP), analysts Mike Small and Alexei Balaganski compare 13 solutions in the CNAPP market, ranking them in terms of Product, Innovation, Market, and Overall leadership.

The report provides a detailed analysis of the CNAPP market, including the key trends driving its growth, and the essential capabilities organizations should look for in CNAPP solutions.

Cloud-native applications are becoming increasingly critical for businesses but securing them requires a different approach to that used for traditional applications. CNAPP platforms offer a comprehensive solution for protecting cloud-native applications throughout their entire lifecycle, from development to production.

The key highlights from the report include:

    • Shared Responsibility: Organizations bear the responsibility for securing cloud services and ensuring regulatory compliance. The report outlines factors that elevate risks in cloud usage.
    • Dynamic Nature of Cloud Services: Traditional static security approaches prove ineffective in the dynamic cloud environment. Many organizations struggle to adapt their internal security controls to the unique challenges of cloud usage.
    • Integrated Capabilities: CNAPP solutions distinguish themselves by integrating multiple capabilities, addressing diverse risks and challenges in the cloud landscape.
    • Key Capabilities of CNAPP: The report outlines the major capabilities that CNAPP solutions should provide, such as covering IaaS cloud services; automating the detection, reporting, and remediation of vulnerabilities; supporting both DevOps and security teams; and facilitating compliance with laws and regulations.
    • Market Evolution: The CNAPP market is evolving, and products are expected to mature in the near term by expanding coverage depth and leveraging AI/ML to enhance effectiveness. In the longer term, the increasing use of AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) will present new challenges, requiring innovative tools for management.

The CNAPP Leadership Compass report by KuppingerCole is a pivotal resource for organizations navigating the evolving landscape of cloud-native application protection. As cloud security becomes increasingly vital, this report offers a compass to guide organizations in selecting solutions that align with their unique needs and challenges.

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