Wiesbaden, May 11, 2023 – Global IT analyst firm KuppingerCole Analysts celebrated the winners of the prestigious 2023 European Identity Awards at this week’s 16th annual European Identity and Cloud Conference in Berlin, attended by some of Europe’s most eminent industry representatives.

The awards ceremony showcased excellence in the identity management and cybersecurity industry, commending identity-related projects and recognizing individuals for achievements in the field.

Delivery Hero was praised in the category “Identity-as-a-Service" for delivering a clean and effective approach to identity security for tens of thousands of employees and contractors, protecting against ransomware attacks by eliminating any local Active Directory, while at the same time complying with local banking, payment, and data protection regulations, and capitalizing on the benefits of a modern microservices architecture and cloud-based infrastructure.

The award in the category “Enterprise IAM” went to Gibus for quickly implementing a secure, compliant, modern and future-proof single sign-on solution in a business-to-business environment with an estimated 5000 users, using a significant number of identity providers and in a highly regulated environment such as financial services.

Allstate took home the award for “Identity Fabrics” for enabling near real-time dissemination of time-sensitive information, enhancing risk reduction and mitigating privileged account abuse. Their approach has been described as a real Identity API layer for an Identity Fabric, internally developed, for a huge number of different IAM solutions.

Izimi/Fednot received the award in the category “Verifiable Credentials” for providing a platform that gives all Belgian citizens the opportunity to store their own documents and exchange them with third parties safely and securely. The platform provides a digital vault for citizens, and the accessibility of these basic services has proven essential

DATEV eG received the award in the category of “Decentralized ID in Practice” for its DID wallet with COVID information, delivering tangible, real-world value in terms of business continuity and resilience as well as employee health.

The award in the category “Citizen Authentication” went to Eurostar for their biometric walkthrough verification for Eurostar check-in, which is able to meet the expected demand of around 20k verifications per day, offering travelers an accurate, robust, and reliable solution to the challenges of identity verification and accessibility.

Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) took home the award for “Future Technologies & Standards” for their suite of organizational identity services leveraging the new verifiable LEI (vLEI) model of digital identity, offering a standard for organizational identities, a trustworthy governance structure for assigning these, and a secure and reliable way of verifying the end-to-end identity of an organization.

Creditplus was the winner in the category “Customer & Partner Authentication” for migrating partner users to a new solution, improving user onboarding, unifying multiple identifier types, allowing delegated administration by approved partners, and offering user-friendly MFA options.

DruID was named “Identity Startup of the Year”. Their Pulse product is used by customers for lead generation. As a European company, they help their customers comply with GDPR by offering user self-service portals for consent management and profile changes, which present user consents in a unique timeline view.

The Kim Cameron Award went to Rachelle Sellung, a senior scientist researcher at Fraunhofer Institute. Her focus is on socioeconomic and user experience research in the field of Identity Management. She has led and contributed research to various EU & German Research and Industry Projects related to relevant identity topics like Trust Management (LIGHTest, TRAIN), Digital Wallets (DECIDE, ONCE), and digital governmental services (mGov4EU) among others. She is currently leading user experience research for a privacy assistant tool for smart health devices in the TESTER project.

Mike Jones was honored with a Lifetime Award for his efforts surrounding standards, including OAuth2 and OpenID, and for his incredible impact on Identity and Access Management.

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