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Dell Survey: You’re (Probably) Not Prepared for the GDPR

 Dell dropped a bombshell on the digital business community (read:  the business community ). The news came in the form of a  press release  and  report  detailing the results of a new survey commissioned by Dell to assess organizations’ preparedness for the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), set to take effect in May 2018. 821 qualified professionals responded to the survey — the majority IT executives and managers — and their answers were, to say the least, cause for alarm. The GDPR is broad-based, comprehensive and has...

In the digital era, customer identity is key

Identity is vital for presenting a consistent customer relationship across digital channels, but not everyone in all organisations understands this shift, according to identity veteran Ian Glazer Identity is key to providing the context for business processes when enterprises engage with customers and partners through digital channels, according to an identity industry veteran. “Identity is also important for recognising customers, acknowledging the relationship with them, and making that consistent across all channels,” said  Ian Glazer , editor of the  Kantara...

22 & 23 November: Consumer Identity Summit in Paris

For the first time the Consumer Identity Summit 2016 will take place from 22nd to 23rd November 2016 at the Palais Brongniart in Paris, France. The event is one of the first collaborative events between CXP Group and KuppingerCole Ltd. Bringing together Marketing, Business and Security colleagues to realise the digital transformation was the main motivation of the two companies to realize the event. The linking of secure Identity & Access Management with Customer Relationship Management continues to be a core element for any digital business, not least because the CRM system...

GDPR: The Y2K of Digital Marketing?

Remember the great Y2K scare of the late 1990s? Civilization was going to grind to a halt at 12:01 a.m. on January 1, 2000, as computers programmed to only recognize a two-digit year reset themselves to 1900 and crashed. Otherwise rational people were hoarding freeze-dried food and making plans to hide in the woods on New Year’s Eve 1999. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), due to take full effect in May 2018, could be the digital marketing equivalent of Y2K – in a good way. The GDPR applies to all companies that do business in Europe,...

Les données personnelles, au cœur de la stratégie client

Les historiens et les sociologues des temps futurs se pencheront sans doute avec curiosité sur ce phénomène : la généralisation des adblockers sera peut-être vue comme le premier mouvement social d’envergure dans le monde virtuel. Ce boycott du retargeting, du profiling et de la publicité en ligne est-il annonciateur d’une nouvelle forme de revendication sociale dans le monde virtuel, débouchant sur une relation plus équilibrée entre les plateformes, les marques et les utilisateurs ? En attendant, les...

Balabit und Lieberman Software kündigen integrierte Sicherheitslösung aus einer Hand an

Balabit und Lieberman Software Corporation haben eine weltweite strategische Allianz in den Bereichen Vertrieb und Marketing geschlossen. Im Rahmen der Zusammenarbeit bieten Balabit und seine Partner eine integrierte Plattform für das Privileged Access Management an. Ein Bestandteil ist die Shell Control Box, Balabits  Lösung  für das Privileged Activity Monitoring (PAM). Hinzu kommt der Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) von Lieberman Software, eine Lösung für das Privileged Identity Management (PIM). Balabit stellt für die Plattform...

Many firms failing on crucial customer experience in digital era

Only through collaboration between all customer-facing parts of a business can it deliver the customer experience that is crucial to survival in the digital era, according to CXP Group consultant Nicole Dufft Many companies are failing to deliver a good customer experience, which is crucial now that it is possible to change brands easily and complain on social media, according to a strategy consultant. “Although 90% of businesses polled see customer experience as important, the majority do not have someone to oversee and integrate all the customer interactions or...

Quick Reference Guide: It’s Time to Stop Talking about Passwords

Secure your enterprise and satisfy your users with modern authentication Whether you get your information from Deloitte, Gartner, KuppingerCole or dozens of other reputable sources, they’re all saying the same thing: passwords just don’t cut it any more. And they’re putting your enterprise at risk. Yet, so many enterprises still rely on this outdated approach, claiming its user friendly. That may have been true when all you had to remember was the PIN to your ATM card and combination of your gym locker, but those days are long gone. Passwords alone are...

Blog, Pressearbeit und Selbst-PR: Wie Sie das Jahr 2017 für sich nutzen können

Selbst-PR lebt von interessanten und relevanten Gesprächsthemen: Wer seinen PR-, Content- und Marketingplan auf nützliche Informationen und gezielte Angebote zu saisonalen Themen, Messen und Veranstaltungen abstimmt, findet mehr Aufmerksamkeit. Eine Übersicht über die Daten, die Sie in Ihren Kalender eintragen sollten sowie Quellen für Termine aller Art für 2017 finden Sie hier. Relevanz und Nützlichkeit machen Ihre Informationen sexy – egal, ob Sie Ihre Kunden im eMail-Newsletter informieren, die Medien mit Presseinformationen oder Ihre Fans...

Cognitive Security

US (and some European) newspapers recently carried headlines such as this one from the New York Daily News – “Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allowed over 500 law enforcement agencies to monitor users at protests nationwide”. Like many a mainstream newspaper headlines this one is rather misleading. The social networking sites didn’t “allow” any law enforcement agencies to do anything. Rather, either through normal reading of tweetstreams and the like, or through the use of APIs available to any developers, a company called Geofeedia, monitored social...

Businesses must address digital transformation security risks, says analyst

The security elements of business IT, the internet of things and operational technology are now all deeply interconnected, claims Martin Kuppinger Businesses need to recognise that the process of  digital transformation  will affect all of their major areas, creating new security problems as once separate systems are connected in new ways, said  Martin Kuppinger , principal analyst at  KuppingerCole . “Just about everything companies do in terms of digital transformation means that all these new information security risks are effectively business...

Stark, stärker, Blockchain?

Im digitalen Kundenkontakt müssen Unternehmen und Behörden für Datenschutz und eine vertrauensvolle Interaktion sorgen. Eignen sich Blockchain-basierte Verfahren, um Nutzern die volle Hoheit und Kontrolle über die von ihnen eingegebenen Daten und Informationen zu geben? Kurz vor Inkrafttreten der neuen  EU-Richtlinie GDPR  (General Data Protection Regulation) im Mai 2018 machen sich Anbieter von Online-Produkten und Services vermehrt Gedanken darüber, wie sie mit sensitiven Daten umgehen. Die Richtlinie liefert den rechtlichen Rahmen für die...

Cloud Sicherheit: CensorNet ist laut KuppingerCole Leadership Compass ein CASB Produktführer

  CensorNet , führender Anbieter umfassender Lösungen für die Cloud-Sicherheit, ist laut dem 2016 Leadership Compass: Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) von KuppingerCole ein Produktführer in diesem Markt ( Bei dem Bericht handelt es sich um die erste globale Wettbewerbsanalyse von CASB-Lösungen überhaupt. Er will Unternehmen bei der Auswahl von Anbietern und Produkten unterstützen, wenn sie sich auf dem CASB-Markt nach einer für sie geeigneten Lösung umschauen. Bedingt durch die hohe...

Balabit and Lieberman Software Announce Joint Sales & Marketing Initiative to Deliver Best-of-Breed Privileged Access Management

Balabit and Lieberman Software Corporation have announced a strategic global sales and marketing alliance, where Balabit and its respective partner network will proactively sell a comprehensive Privileged Access Management Platform comprising an out-of-the-box integration between Balabit's Shell Control Box Privileged Activity Monitoring (PAM) solution and Lieberman Software's Privileged Identity Management (PIM) solution, Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM). Balabit also offers global support services for the joint solution. The joint Balabit/Lieberman solution addresses the...

New Research Reveals Significant Anxiety about Cloud Security, Yet Persistent Data Protection Gaps Remain

CipherCloud , a leader in cloud security and governance, and Osterman Research today released a  new report  that shows businesses have a high level of concern about the exposure of sensitive and regulated data in the cloud to security threats. Yet despite this, the majority of data owners outsource responsibility for data protection, even though they still bear full legal liability if there is a breach. The survey also revealed that encryption is not well understood, with misconceptions about where encryption takes place, who manages the keys, and which parties can decrypt...

The benefits of digital business process management with blockchain technology

Distributed and decentralised ledger technologies, smart contracts and the internet of things have the potential to disrupt and revolutionise business process management and optimisation Business process management  (BPM) and business process optimisation (BPO) are the two longest-standing and most efficient ways of managing processes with a focus on continual effective monitoring and improvement. The emergence of distributed and decentralised ledger technologies  with smart contracts  and the  internet of things  (IoT) can be instrumental in disrupting...

Comparing Access Management & Federation Solutions With KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass

International Analyst firm KuppingerCole has released the latest iteration of its  Leadership Compass report  for Access Management and Federation. In the 2016 Leadership Compass for Access Management and Federation, KuppingerCole Founder and Principal analyst Martin Kuppinger evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of 17 vendors that he considers most significant in the Access Management market and provides readers with graphs separating the vendors into followers, challengers, and leaders. Kuppinger compares vendors across four graphed categories: Overall Leaders, Product...

6 Ways To Prepare For The EU’s GDPR

In less than 20 months, all US companies doing business in the EU will face new consumer privacy requirements. Here's how to prepare for them. In less than 20 months, all companies handling personal data belonging to residents of the European Union will be expected to comply with a new set of privacy requirements under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR introduces tough new privacy requirements for companies handling EU data and vests consumers with significantly greater control and rights over the manner in which their data is collected, shared, retained,...


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Real-Time Security Intelligence & Big Data in Security

Traditional tools are still widely deployed by many organizations and in certain scenarios serve as a useful part of enterprise security infrastructures, but recent trends in the IT industry have largely made them obsolete. Continued deperimeterization of corporate networks because of adoption of cloud and mobile services, as well as emergence of many new legitimate communication channels with external partners has made the task of protecting sensitive corporate information more and more difficult. The focus of information security has gradually shifted from perimeter protection towards [...]