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Getting from Here to There: Best Practices for Data Migration When Moving to a Modern Customer Identity Platform

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is a hot topic of late for enterprises that directly communicate online with their customers, attracting attention from analyst firms including  Gartner ,  Forrester and  KuppingerCole . However, a CIAM system isn’t really useful if it contains no customer identities, or if those identities don’t retain sufficient data about customers to be useful.  When a company migrates to a new CIAM solution, it is very common to also migrate data from their old site, and perhaps merge data from multiple digital...

CipherCloud Wins Nine 2017 Info Security Products Guide (ISPG) Global Excellence Awards at RSA 2017

CipherCloud, the industry pioneer and leader in cloud security, data protection and governance, today announced that it has been named a winner in nine different award categories, including a Grand Trophy for industry awards leader, at the 2017 ISPG Global Excellence Awards®.  CipherCloud also earned the 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Award for Mobile Device Management (MDM) for its new mobile app launched this week at RSA 2017. These industry awards recognize CipherCloud's advanced leadership in data security in the cloud, including the first end-to-end encryption from...

European Identity Cloud Conference 2017

Comme tous les ans, le cabinet de conseil Kuppingercole organise un évènement Européen centré sur la gestion des identités et le cloud. Cette année, l’EiC se tiendra du 9 au 12 mai 2017 à Munich, en Allemagne. L’agenda vient d’être mis en ligne, vous le retrouverez [  ICI  ] Certains  speakers  sont de grande qualité, comme tous les ans Kim Cameron sera de la partie. Je préfère vous prévenir, ce n’est pas donné, mais c’est le prix de...


Do you want to successfully plan and deploy an identity and access management (IAM) program? If this is your goal, then ignore your multiple stakeholders at your peril. Yes, the challenge of stakeholder engagement can be daunting. After all, the various stakeholders across an enterprise bring a range of diverse and divergent interests, capabilities, and values to an IAM implementation. These stakeholders all have significant–even if differing–interests in IAM. This is because IAM variously supports (a) rapid, dynamic growth within enterprises, (b) the expansion of boundaries to...

Securonix Unveils Big Data Security Analytics Platform With Unprecedented Threat Prediction, Detection and Response Capabilities

The cyber threat landscape has become more treacherous with advanced targeted attacks, porous perimeters and increased business interdependencies. The landscape has evolved, but legacy security tools have not. To address this challenge, organizations need a comprehensive security solution that can perform context-based, advanced analytics over massive volumes of data in real time and provide actionable intelligence. SNYPR delivers on the promise that legacy tools such as SIEM have failed to fulfill. Leveraging a big data platform that is scalable and economical, along with patented,...

Securonix Unveils Big Data Security Analytics Platform With Unprecedented Threat Prediction, Detection and Response Capabilities

Securonix, the market leader in security analytics and predictive cyber threat detection, announced today the general availability of a next-generation security analytics platform that combines a big data security lake, security incident and event management (SIEM), user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and cross-channel fraud monitoring and detection. The SNYPR Security Analytics Platform can be delivered as a complete, end-to-end platform or in modular components. The cyber threat landscape has become more treacherous with advanced targeted attacks, porous perimeters and increased...

CA Technologies Named an Overall Leader in Adaptive Authentication

CA Advanced Authentication  was evaluated for the report, which assessed solutions focused on adaptive authentication — the process of gathering additional attributes about users and their environments and evaluating the attributes in the context of risk-based policies. “CA Advanced Authentication is quite flexible: it is available as a standalone product, but also integrates with CA’s and other IAM vendors’ products. It can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, where it is fully multi-tenant,” John Tolbert, lead analyst at KuppingerCole, wrote in...

Beratungsunternehmen sehen Gigya als führend im Bereich Customer Identity and Access Management

Das kalifornische Unternehmen Gigya wurde von den KuppingerCole-Analysten in einer vor kurzem veröffentlichten Studie als marktführendes Unternehmen im Bereich CIAM (Customer Identity and Acess Management) eingestuft. (PM) Hamburg, 24.01.2014 - KuppingerCole mit Hauptsitz in Wiesbaden ist ein führendes Analystenhaus mit Schwerpunkt auf den Segmenten Information Security und Identity und Access Management (IAM). Im neuen Bericht „Leadership Compass for CIAM” haben die Analysten zwölf CIAM-Anbieter detailliert untersucht und anhand der Kriterien...

Risk, Governance, and Compliance is all about Visibility

It is no secret that enterprises moving towards digital transformation are taking on more risk. However, measuring and managing that risk has evolved into more of an art than science. And as will any art, judging effectiveness is all but impossible.  A critical failing when it comes to identifying risk and its consequences. While risk is nothing new, technology has changed how risk is viewed and more importantly, how risk is amplified. Something enterprises have become well aware of as their intellectual property transforms from the physical realm to the digital realm. Add to...

EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung: weniger als 500 und fallend

I n nicht mal mehr 500 Tagen wird die Europäische Datenschutz-Grundverordnung bindend. Eine Vielzahl Unternehmen hat bislang noch nicht angemessene Maßnahmen und deren Umsetzung initiiert. Es empfiehlt sich, heute damit zu beginnen, sich konkret und umfassend mit der Ermittlung und Erfüllung ihrer Anforderungen zu beschäftigen. Jeder, der aktiv in IT-Projekten involviert ist, lernt, dass der produktive Anteil am Gesamtumfang und die tatsächliche Laufzeit eines Projektes sich in der Praxis deutlich unterscheiden. Von der Budgetplanung zum Design, von der...


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Digital Finance

The emergence and prominence of bitcoin and its underlying technology Blockchain with open source, real-time payments capabilities and without centralized regulatory authority has sparked the Financial Services industry into exploring how Blockchain technology might be applied to mainstream banking and insurance sectors. Blockchain technology goes further than just a distributed ledger. Another initiative gaining acceptance is Smart Contracts that use computer protocols to facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract or that obviate the need for a contractual [...]