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Digital transformation requires digital risk

nterprises need to recognize that digital transformation isn’t just about structural and cultural change – it will also create some major security challenges as we see new ways of interconnecting technology emerging. As enterprises make the transition to digital business, a lack of directly owned infrastructure and services outside of IT departments’ control will need to be addressed by cybersecurity, according to Gartner . The analyst firm predicts that by 2020, 60 percent of digital businesses will suffer major service failures due to the inability of IT security...

Real-Time Security Intelligence, the future of security

Over 40 years ago, my father broke the lock on the front door of our house. He never fixed or replaced it, so the front door was never locked – even if we all left on a week-long trip. At the same time, he religiously locked the backdoor every night. His theory was, I believe, that the back door could only be seen from one window of one neighboring house while the front door was overlooked by a half-dozen or more other homes. Long before “neighborhood watch” or “see something, say something” my dad could be sure that any anomalous behavior seen by our...

ForgeRock’s Latest Identity Platform Finally Kills the Password, Ushers in New Era of the Frictionless User Experience

SAN FRANCISCO--( BUSINESS WIRE )-- ForgeRock ® , the leading open  platform  provider of identity management solutions, today announced the latest edition of the ForgeRock Identity Platform, with advanced new capabilities that will enable organisations to orchestrate highly secure, frictionless user experiences using push authentication. The ForgeRock Identity Platform is the industry’s first end-to-end open source identity management solution to support passwordless login and frictionless second factor authentication capabilities for continuous...

KuppingerCole Report Reveals Tremendous Growth in Interest of Web Access Management and Identity Federation

Just like Polaroid pictures and vinyl records, web access management and  identity federation technologies  may not be new, but they sure are popular today, according to the latest KuppingerCole Leadership Compass report. KuppingerCole explained that the recent growth in the interest and adoption of web access management and federation is being driven by new business requirements. “The business challenge to solve is ‘supporting the extended and connected enterprise,'” the report explained. This makes sense: With 86 percent of workloads expected to be...

Omada Introduces Partner Program to Accelerate Global Growth

Omada is poised to deliver acclaimed identity management offerings to a wider audience through implementation partners and resellers Copenhagen, Denmark – July 12, 2016 –   Omada, a market leader in IT security solutions for identity management and access governance, today announced the launch of the global Omada Partner Program, to support the company’s plans for aggressive, global growth. The partner program will serve to extend the reach of Omada’s implementation services and sales efforts. Omada is an acclaimed provider of technology solutions and...

ForgeRock Identity Summit, Sydney – Agenda Announced

There are only a few weeks left before the ForgeRock Identity Summit Series makes its inaugural trip to Sydney, Australia! I wanted to provide a brief preview of the great event we have planned. The Identity Summit will be held on the rooftop of the  Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) on 9 August . It’s a beautiful location with breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour, the Opera House and the city skyline. We are bringing together industry analysts and the ForgeRock community of customers, partners, developers, and executives to discuss the latest in identity,...

Objets connectés : la PKI, avec des certificats éphémères

Pour Kevin Bocek, de Venafi, les infrastructures à clés publiques ont encore de beaux jours devant elles dans le monde des objets connectés. Moyennant quelques évolutions. Quelle solution pour assurer l’intégrité, l’authenticité et la confidentialité des échanges avec les objets connectés ? A l’occasion d’une rencontre récente, Dan Butnaru, directeur marketing d’IDnomic, estimait que les infrastructures à clés publiques (PKI)  seraient appelées...

«Keep the target small» – Schaden durch Cyber-Attacken minimieren

Im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung ist eine Öffnung der Systeme eines Unternehmens gegen aussen unabwendbar. Diese Öffnung verspricht mehr Business-Value. Sie erhöht aber auch das Risiko Ziel einer Cyber-Attacke zu werden! Was können Unternehmen tun, um den Hackern das Leben so schwer wie möglich zu machen? Wie können die Security-Ressourcen eines Unternehmens effizient und effektiv eingesetzt werden? Viele Vorträge und Workshops auf der  European Identity & Cloud Conference 2016  haben gezeigt, dass die Etablierung eines Privileged...

Privilege Management: Veränderte Administrationsrollen und deren Steuerung

Cloud, Digitalisierung und geänderte Geschäfts-Prozesse verändern auch die Handhabung von administrativen Konten in vielen Organisationen. Sowohl die Prozesse als auch die Produkte für das Privilege Management passen sich den neuen Herausforderungen an. Die Verwaltung administrativer Konten, das sogenannte Privilege Management, ist ein zentraler Aspekt bei der Administration und Überwachung sensibler Systeme. Für jegliche Art von Organisationen, von kommerziellen Unternehmen bis Behörden und Verwaltungen, ist ein strategischer Ansatz zur...

You're about to become part of the 'Attribute Economy'

Oh wait, you already are. Only up until now you haven’t realised the direct value of this model. Up until now, your attributes i.e. your data or your information, has been captured and is now in the control of organisations. It’s mostly anonymsed, aggregated and is then shared with other organisations as part of a B2B commercial transaction. To highlight the model we are the subjects of, Madhumita Venkatramanan, Senior Editor Wired UK, detailed the below in her 2014 article titled,  Madhumita Venkataramanan: My identity for sale . " I’m a 26 year-old...

What is an API?

Over the last year, I’ve participated in lots of conversations across domains — in media, and particularly in ed-tech — about APIs and how they affect the way we use the internet. Particularly in education and in open source circles, there’s also been a lot of talk about  personal APIs , or the  personal cloud . I want to talk through what an API actually is (and what it isn’t), and then discuss some of these open source ideas. API: Application Programming Interface When you interact with software, you use a  human interface . The...

Compliance-Fragen in der Industrie 4.0

Industrie 4.0 und das Internet der Dinge (Internet of Things, IoT) haben die Diskussion um IT-Sicherheit befeuert. Gleichzeitig sind Fragen der Produkthaftung in vielen Unternehmen in den Fokus gerückt. Wer ist eigentlich für was verantwortlich, wenn eine Firma vernetzte Dinge vertreibt beziehungsweise selbst einsetzt? In der Welt des Smart Manufacturing kommunizieren Dinge, Geräte und Maschinen autonom miteinander. In Echtzeit tauschen sie riesige Datenmengen untereinander aus, um Produkte unter anderem flexibel auf individuelle Wünsche maßzuschneidern....


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Connected Consumer

When dealing with consumers and customers directly the most important asset for any forward-thinking organisation is the data provided and collected for these new type of identities. The appropriate management of consumer identities is of utmost importance. Handing over personal data to a commercial organisation the consumer typically does this with two contrasting expectations. On one hand the consumer wants to benefit from the organisation as a contract partner for goods or services. Customer-facing organizations get into direct contact with their customers today as they are accessing their [...]