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KuppingerCole Recognizes Gigya as Only Overall Leader in Customer Identity Management

We’re pleased to announce that, after a lengthy evaluation process, global security and data protection research firm KuppingerCole has recognized Gigya as the Overall Leader in the Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) market! In KuppingerCole’s new report – “Leadership Compass – CIAM Platforms” – twelve CIAM vendors are rated in four categories: Overall Leadership, Product Leadership, Market Leadership, and Innovation Leadership. Not only is Gigya the one company to be named an Overall Leader, but also the only one to be named a...

Impressions from European Identity & Cloud Conference 2017

No new standards, no protocol declared dead – but new compliance directives which have huge impact on business practices and deployed IAM services. The  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  and the  Revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2)  will be applied in 2018 after a two-years transition period. From the importance of establishing a legal identity for developing countries as part of every person’s basic human rights and as a precondition for access to health and wealth services, via  SSI  (self-sovereign identity, aka...

SecurID Access: RSA baut Funktionen zur Identitätssicherung aus

Zu den Erweiterungen von RSA SecurID Access zählen beispielsweise eine Cloud-basierte Authentication-as-a-Service-Option und eine zusätzliche dynamische Risikobewertungsfunktionalität. RSA, ein Unternehmen von Dell Technologies, bietet eine Reihe neuer Funktionalitäten für  RSA SecurID Access , wie das Unternehmen in einem  Blogbeitrag  mitteilt. Sie sind ab sofort verfügbar. Zu den Erweiterungen gehört eine Cloud-basierte Authentication-as-a-Service-Option, die einen nahtlosen Zugriff sowohl auf On-Premise- als auch auf...

RSA Extends Identity Assurance to the Cloud

RSA, a Dell Technologies business, extends its authentication market leadership with a series of new capabilities for its RSA SecurID Access solution. Enhancements include a cloud-based Authentication-as-a-Service option aimed at delivering seamless access to both on-premises and cloud-based resources and systems, and additional dynamic, risk scoring functionality that is designed to deliver convenient and secure access for any user, anywhere, any time. As cloud and mobile use grows, and the user access base expands to include contractors, vendors, partners and customers, organizations...


PATECCO Management team takes part in European Identity & Cloud Conference 2017 in Munich. The company team made a video production and panel discussion on the hot topics about Digital Transformation and Privacy & Data Security. PATECCO Management team takes part in European Identity & Cloud Conference 2017 in Munich. The company team made a video production with the principal analyst of Kuppingercole – Mr. Martin Kuppinger. The interview discussion was focused on the topic about “Knowing and Managing the Risk of Service Based Digital Business...

One Identity Customer Nestlé Wins Prestigious 2017 KuppingerCole European Identity and Cloud Award

One Identity , a proven leader in helping organizations get identity and access management (IAM) right, today announced its long-standing customer, Nestlé, the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company has been recognized by industry-leading analyst firm KuppingerCole as a winner in the “Best Identity and Access Management” category at this year’s European Identity and Cloud Conference. The distinguished accolade was presented to Nestlé for its deployment of One Identity solutions (including One Identity Manager, One Identity Password...

Five cyber security imperatives for all companies

There are five things all companies should ensure they are doing in terms of cyber security All organsations should do everything they can to control what they can to improve their resilience to cyber attack, according to Scott Carlson, technical fellow and executive security advisor at BeyondTrust. “There are five things that I think are non-optional when it comes to cyber security and controlling identity and privilege,” he told the  European Identity & Cloud Conference 2017  in Munich.

Microsegmentation in the data center Improved Separation

Microsegmentation promises substantial improvements over classic architectures for the protection of applications and increased security when building out the efficiency of a data center. Microsegmentation breaks a network or data center into various segments to enhance its efficiency or security. The idea behind segmentation became an established technique once virtual local area networks (VLANs) came into use. From the very beginning, security was a central focus for VLAN segmentation, because it divided network domains into smaller parts and then protected movement of data among...

Allianz researchers working with car makers on cyber security

Allianz Germany is working with the local car manufacturing industry to highlight the vulnerabilities in the electronics systems of vehicles that can be exploited by criminals As the number of electronic systems in cars has increased, they have become more vulnerable to cyber attack, according to Stephan Gerhager, chief information security officer at Allianz Germany. “I started a research project into these vulnerabilities because, as insurers, we wanted to understand how vehicles are protected from criminals,” he told the  European Identity & Cloud Conference...

Automation can turn tables on cyber attackers

Security defenders should use automation to turn the tables on attackers, according to the CTO of the US Department of Homeland Security Cyber security is an economics problem, according to Richard Struse, chief advanced technology officer at the US Department of Homeland Security. “The application of cyber threat intelligence with automation can help change the economics away from benefiting our adversaries to benefitting the defenders in cyber space,” he told the  European Identity & Cloud Conference 2017  in Munich.

Blockchain economy on the horizon

Blockchain technologies will enable many new and disruptive business models than the internet itself, an expert predicts The world is moving towards a  blockchain -based economy because of its inherent security and lack of third-party involvement, according to  William Mougayar , venture advisor and author.  “The blockchain economy will be even bigger than the web economy in the next couple of years,” he told the  European Identity & Cloud Conference 2017  in Munich.

Cognitive security is the future, says Martin Kuppinger

Modern computing capabilities combined with cognitive technology has huge potential for tackling unknown attack patterns and addressing the security skills shortage, says Martin Kuppinger User organisations should investigate  cognitive  security now because that is the future, according to  Martin Kuppinger , principal analyst at KuppingerCole. “Security suppliers should understand the potential of cognitive security and hire the rare experts in this area,” he told the opening session of the  European Identity & Cloud Conference 2017  in...

Wie aus vielen Cloud Services eine integrierte Lösung wird

Wenn Unternehmen in "die Cloud gehen", muss die IT-Abteilung sich wandeln. Sie wird noch stärker als bisher zum Dienstleister der Fachabteilungen. Cloud-Integratoren können dabei entscheidend helfen. Mehr als die Hälfte der Unternehmen (55 Prozent) betrachtet ihre IT als "hybrid". Das ergab die Studie "How to Balance Digital Transformation and User Security" von  KuppingerCole und Pierre Audoin Consultants . Zu einem ähnlichen Ergebnis kommt der  CIO-Report 2016 von BT.  Demnach gaben zwei Drittel der weltweit befragten  IT-Entscheider...

Cloud-Computing - machen wir!

Aber was ist denn CASB? Cloud-Computing wächst rasant und hat die IT-Landschaft grundlegend verändert. Und dies auch im Unternehmensbereich. Laut Cloud-Monitor 2016 des Branchenverbandes Bitkom nutzten im vergangenen Jahr erstmalig mehr als 50 Prozent aller deutschen Unternehmen Cloud-Dienste (54 Prozent, ganz genau gesagt). Die Gründe dafür sind vielfältig. Geringere Kosten, bessere Skalierbarkeit und unerreichte Flexibilität beim ortsunabhängigen Zugriff dürften aber im Mittelpunkt stehen. Kleinere Unternehmen profitieren davon, dass die eigene...

Fake tech support spiders on the world wide web

Fake tech support should be incorporated into security awareness training as it can be a highly effective way to trick employees into granting access to enterprise computer systems Cyber criminals are always innovating: improving their malware products and “ leaning  out their processes” to find new ways to take money from unsuspecting users. To protect against cyber crime, data breaches, and botnets, we train our users to avoid  social engineering ,  phishing , and questionable online content. For example, many of us are familiar with the cold calls...

Cognitive security is key to cyber arms race, says KuppingerCole

Cognitive computing technology is an area of artificial intelligence that is expected to help provide businesses with the security tools they need to deal with new and emerging cyber threats The data breaches that are frequently making news headlines indicate that businesses need new tools and approaches to cyber security, according to  Martin Kuppinger , principal analyst at KuppingerCole. “Attackers are becoming increasingly professional, so we need to find better ways to defend organisations,” he told Computer Weekly. There is a growing realisation that there...

Forum Systems wird auf KuppingerColes European Identity & Cloud Conference Erkenntnisse zur API-Sicherheit vermitteln

Workshop unter Leitung von CTO Jason Macy behandelt Compliance mit PSD2, Open Banking-Standards und GDPR Forum Systems Inc.  kündigte heute an, dass CTO Jason Macy im Rahmen der  European Identity & Cloud Conference 2017  (EIC) Best Practices für die API-Sicherheit und Einhaltung der aufkommenden API-basierten Industriestandards vermitteln wird. Das mittlerweile im 11. Jahr stattfindende KuppingerCole-Event wird vom 9. - 12. Mai im Dolce Ballhaus Forum Unterschleissheim in München (Deutschland) ausgerichtet und Themen abdecken, die im Zusammenhang...

UBS applies data protection for compliance and competitive advantage

Swiss bank UBS aims to get greater value out of investments in sensitive data protection systems by using its security capabilities as a differentiator UBS  recognised the growing importance of protecting sensitive customer data and has been honing its systems to ensure that critical data is always kept secure. This applies not only to customer data in IT applications, but also when such data is extracted in the form of files. “Our goal was to have a sophisticated system for protecting customer data that can also be used as a way of differentiating us from our...


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