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Nov 25, 2022
Don’t Delay, Get Ready for a New Digital World Today

Join identity experts from KuppingerCole and Signicat as they discuss digital identification trends and how taking a strategic approach can address common challenges causing lengthy and cumbersome customer journeys. They will also look at what technologies organizations can adopt to meet customer expectations, improve customer journeys, and drive higher conversion rates.

Annie Bailey of KuppingerCole will discuss local and regional trends that indicate a readiness for digital identity and digital onboarding. She will also look at the different technology methods for digital identification and the components of a digital onboarding flow.

John Erik Setsaas and Edwin de Ron of Signicat, will highlight the results of market research and explain how organizations can benefit from increasing attention on digital identification, digitalizing customer journeys, and educating customers on how to use digital identification methods they already have. They will also explain how to identify use cases and plan for the further development of digital customer journeys.

Webinar Recording
Dec 03, 2018
Identity Verification & Authentication Made Easy

Business is undergoing change. The Digital Transformation affects business models and changes the way businesses interact with their customers. A seamless customer journey is a key success factor for the digital business. This journey starts with attracting the customer and includes steps such as registration, Identity Verification and the authentication of customers when they return.

Webinar Recording
Dec 16, 2016
Identity Assurance - the Art of Knowing Your Customers

To conduct online business, users need to be able to identify themselves remotely and reliably. In most cases, however, it is not sufficient for the user to simply assert "I am who I say I am - believe me." When doing digital business, you will never meet your customers face-to-face, and there is a need to establish certainty and proof of the customers' identity. Digital on-boarding must be simple for the user, while at the same time give the business enough information to ensure trust.