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Roles, Recertification, Access Governance: The Lean Approach

Experience shows that currently implemented solutions and architectures for the management of corporate identities and their access to resources tend to be overly complex, require substantial manual efforts and lack flexibility.

But flexibility is key when organisations of all types face fundamental... More

Roles, Recertification, Access Governance: The Lean Approach

Identity Management, Access Management and Access Governance are vital elements of an IT strategy laying the administrative foundation layer for achieving strategic goals. These goals include:

  • The efficient management of user access to corporate resources and
  • Evidence of compliance to... More

Cloud Risk Assessment

When moving to the use of cloud service it is most important to take a risk based approach.  However the process involved is often manual and time consuming; a tool is needed to enable a more rapid and consistent assessment of the risks involved.

This session describes why a risk based approach is... More

Beyond Your On-Premise IT: Privilege Management Strategies for All Aspects of Your Organization

Privilege Management has historically been focused on the core IT infrastructure and operations groups, managing an organizations critical internally-networked components.  The scope of networks is changing, however, with a wide array of cloud-based networks, SaaS services, virtualization platforms and... More

Prepare your Organization for the Digital Transformation: Enable the Agile, Connected Business

Finding the balance between new business requirements and compliance & information security challenges

This workshop will focus on the fundamental changes organizations are facing these days. On one hand, there is business demand for connecting with business partners, customers, and... More

Identity Mixer, uProve, Qiy Trust Framework, UMA: Providing Control to the Individual

Securing access to personally identifiable information in a way that the individual that information is pointing to has full control, is one of the challenges in the era of digital transformation.

In this workshop, we will do a deep-dive into the available and forthcoming standards, technologies and their... More

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