Mario Hoffmann - Dynamic Certification of Cloud Ecosystems

Cloud ecosystems are dynamic and flexible enablers for innovative business models. Some business models, especially for the European cloud market, however, still face challenges in security, privacy, and trust. A common approach among cloud providers addressing these challenges is proving one's reliability and trustworthyness by audit certificates. Basically, audit certificates are based on national and/or international as well as business and/or governmental compliance rules. The most prominent certifications in cloud computing are the "Open Certification Framework (OCF)" of Cloud Security Alliance, EuroCloud's "Star Audit", and "Certified Cloud Service" provided by TÜV Rheinland as well as more general certifications following ISO 27001, BSI Grundschutz, ENISA, and NIST.

This session discusses the state of the art of auditing and certifying cloud ecosystems and how current certification catalogues and schemes have to be enhanced to meet future requirements - requirements such as dynamic certification, on-demand-audits, and automatic monitoring and evaluations.

Language: English • Duration: 10:42 • Resolution: 1920x1080

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