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Dr. Maciej Machulak Senior Identity Architect



Dr. Maciej Machulak specializes in security, privacy and trust in the Cloud. He is the Senior Identity Architect at iWelcome – a fast growing European identity platform. Previously, he was the Chief Identity Architect at Synergetics and the founder and CEO of Cloud Identity Limited (acquired by Synergetics) which developed innovative identity and access management software. Maciej serves as the Vice-Chair of the User-Managed Access Work Group at Kantara Initiative and is one of the authors of the award-winning UMA protocol. In June 2015, Maciej has been awarded with prestigious MIT Innovators Under 35 Poland award for his work on privacy and security.


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Kantara Workshop

May 05, 2015
Kantara Workshop
Access Management 2.0 - Consent, Context, and User Engagement
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Kantara Workshop

May 05, 2015
Networking Event
User Managed Access Demo and Status Update
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Kantara Workshop

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Mr. Levent Kara
+49 211 23707710
  • May 05, 2015 09:00-13:00

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