Consumer Identity Summit

LOCATION: Paris, France DATE: Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Consumer Identity Summit

Get Your Kickstart into the World of CIAM

Already one of the hottest topics at EIC 2016, the linking of secure Identity & Access Management with Customer Relationship Management continues to be a core element for any digital business, not least because the CRM system represents the biggest identity store in the company. With CIAM (Customer Identity & Access Management) data from various sources such as CRM, ERP, Identity Management, and your Website converges. To manage ownership of customer information in a digitally transformed economy with numerous business partners demanding access is one of the most significant evolutions today and it will continue to rapidly evolve.

The Consumer Identity Summit is here to get you kickstarted into the world of CIAM, where you learn from your customers while respecting their privacy needs and securing their personal information against cyber risks.

Consumer Identity Summit

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At the Consumer Identity Summit, you will experience the fusion of strategic insights with the broad experience of technological expertise. From Processes to Strategic Planning: Starting from "traditional" Identity & Access Management (IAM), the agenda will point to different requirements of Customer-IAM (CIAM), like scope, scale, performance and a consistent Cross-Channel Experience.    

Full control, anywhere, at any time, multichannel, from any device: this is what customers expect today from vendors they interact with. Offering an outstanding but privacy respecting CX is a main differentiator today and will be a basic requirement tomorrow. In order to enable your organization to make CX a top priority, technology is key and agility is what makes you keeping up with the fast changing digital landscape.

CX Leadership requires hard changes in technology, processes and culture. Companies need to live the digital lifestyles of their customers in order to improve, requiring CMO, CIO and CISO working together closely.

KuppingerCole has defined a 3-layered approach to CIAM:

  1. IAM Innovation: Extend your existing IAM infrastructure to customers and prospects with technology that is available today.
  2. Process & Integration: Connect your Master Data Management and Marketing CRM & Analytics with Security & IAM to create a 360 degree view on what your customer needs.
  3. Control Shift: Hand over the control over your customer relationship to your customer.  

KYC has been a term used in the finance industry to describe the legal requirement to know a customer and his/her sources of wealth, in order to fight money laundering. In the contect of consumer identity, KYC means much more: it is about understanding the customer´s needs while offering comprehensive opting mechanisms as a privacy and preference self-service. Based on such a high level of privacy awareness, enterprises can transparently build and nurture relationships with their customers that last long and create value.

KYC goes even further than CIAM (Customer Identity & Access Management). It encompasses Customer Tracking & Marketing Automation as well as Analytics (Big Data) and Privacy & Information Protection. The customer needs to give his consent about what’s being done with his data and for which reason it might be used. He must be able to withdraw this consent any time. This brings the concept of Life Management Platforms closer to reality than ever before.

EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will become legally binding 2018 in all EU member states without ratification process. For customer-facing services, the rules to stay compliant will change significantly. Users of an online service have to be able to access, view and modify any personal information pointing to him/her. Also, users have to be able to transfer such data from one service to another one, requiring identity aware APIs strongly secured against misuse and fraud. Identify the necessary steps to implement proper measures to comply with these regulations for your own processes and business models. Legal and Technology experts will show you practical approaches worth to follow, turning privacy by design into a competitive advantage.

Can blockchain technology become the backbone of a universal identity layer? Although Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), like the blockchain are young and still immature, it is forseeable, that it will influence CIAM and we therefore have to evaluate now. 

Connect with an international community of experts and professionals to hear about real-life best practice solutions to Consumer Identity & Access Management: The top-quality presentations are all given by senior experts, experienced analysts or high-ranking professionals from user companies. Get feedback to your own solutions, questions and challenges in deep discussions with experienced professionals. Take the chance to proactively contribute to shape this young discipline.

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Consumer Identity Summit

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Mr. Levent Kara
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  • Nov 22 - 23, 2016 Paris, France

Key Topics

  • From IAM (Identity & Access Management) to Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM)

  • Consumer Identity is the Key Element of your Digital Transformation Journey

  • Creating the Ultimate Digital Customer Experience: The Building Blocks

  • Privacy by Design & GDPR Compliance

  • Prevent your Customers from Fraud and Cyber Risks

  • Market Overview: Available Solutions and their Maturity Level

  • Tutorial: How to start your CIAM Program now


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