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Becoming a sponsor of cybernetix.world 2020 is the perfect way for you to increase your company’s visibility in the market for Artificial Intelligence. We offer a variety of flexible sponsorships which include several services for your company prior to and during the event. Take your time and pick the sponsorship that best fits your needs and budget. Whether you choose a full sponsorship package or a smaller add-on, cybernetix.world 2020 offers you all you need to gain new leads. Make the most of your sponsorship by combining different packages for the highest visibility and receive special discounts. Our Account Management team is happy to support you and create your customized package.


  • 2-day online event
  • 1 main stream per day
  • Platinum, Gold, and Innovation sponsorings available


  • A unique chance to introduce your products to a market segment in need of your solutions to master brand-new challenges in the area of CIAM
  • Clearly specified target groups in the most profitable industries worldwide
  • Gain new leads that are keen on shifting their old legacy IT landscapes towards digitalization and strong customer service
  • Show that you are the right key player to build a customer-centric digital business strategy
  • Mingle with international thought leaders, identity professionals, compliance experts, and further future-oriented delegates
  • Create new partnerships – meet with new decision-makers and current customers
  • Experience top-quality presentations, given by senior experts or high-ranking professionals or be a part of the agenda yourself
  • Receive feedback to your solutions, questions, and challenges
  • Experience the fusion of strategic insights with the broad experience of technological expertise
  • Be highly visible during the whole conference and show presence in many marketing related campaigns before, during and after the event

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for cybernetix.world 2020 please contact us:

Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor


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