R. Buse Cetin, Tania Duarte: Building Trust in AI: How Pictures can Speak Louder than Words

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As the buzz around Artificial Intelligence has increased, so have the issues around trust. There is an increasing polarisation in the discourse around AI, ADS and automation. So what can you do as a tech leader or employee in a company utilising tech, to build trust? Or much more to the point, what can you do to become trustworthy?

An important step is to communicate honestly with your customers and stakeholders about the technology you use. However too often organisations fall at the first hurdle due to the damaging visual misrepresentations of AI that accompany their written communications, promotional material or media coverage. This session investigates the way that organisations and the media represent AI through images, and what this says about what they and customers expect and understand about the benefits of technology. We look at how this exposes the broader implications of anthropomorphising technology, and how to deal with describing the role of humans and human agency in your solutions.

As well as exploring how public perceptions of AI will shape the risks and opportunities faced by your organisation, you will leave this session with some practical suggestions on earning and building trust in your AI solutions, and helping to imagine a more positive AI future.

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