Martin Kuppinger: Where AI, Industrial IoT, Consumer IoT, Blockchain, Decentralized Identity, and Edge Computing Meet

Cybernetix Is What Makes Things Move, From Production to Modern 5G Based Public Infrastructures

Cybernetix is not a new discipline. However, it appears being more important than ever before. It is ubiquitous when it comes to AI (Artificial Intelligence). And when AI meets industrial IoT (Internet of Things) and OT (Operational Technology) , it is about the cybernetic model. In contrast to past times, it is about hundreds of signals per second per thing, device, and machine, which needs to be processed and used for optimization. No way doing so without AI.

When looking at public infrastructures such as the ones making connected vehicles drive without (too many, too severe) accidents, when it comes to smart services (cities, utilities,…), it all is about immense amounts of signals that need to be delivered (5G) and stored (blockchains and beyond, e.g. IOTA), and processed (AI again).

All with security in mind, in the context of users and their settings, their consent, their preferences.

Fast and efficient, without too much of latency.

Cybernetix brings together all these technical evolutions that are discussed today.

In his talk, Martin Kuppinger will look at how all this is connected and why we need taking a broader perspective, beyond single innovations, towards what makes the modern world move: Cybernetix.

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