Call for Speakers

Thank you for your interest to become a speaker at Cybersecurity Leadership Summit (CSLS) in Berlin. As a speaker, you play a vital role in the educational, innovational and communicational objectives for the event. We appreciate your commitment of time and expertise to make CSLS successful. Please bookmark the event homepage and refer to this page to get updates.

Cybersecurity Leadership Summit Agenda and Session Formats

Key Topics

CSLS is about Cybersecurity, its priorities, and challenges. As this is a hot area and we need to keep the agenda and its key topics agile during preparation. So please check the conference site from time to time to find out the latest developments.

CSLS will cover the following topics:

  • AI for Cybersecurity: discussing AI driven threats & solutions
  • Going Threat Hunting - getting your security strategy right
  • Zero-Trust security: from idea to real applications
  • Social Engineering, Phishing & Election security
  • Cloud Security - the importance of shared responsibility
  • Endpoint Security - Using advanced analytical techniques for endpoint device security
  • Strong Authentication - adaptive, continuous & intelligent
  • IoT & Critical Infrastructure Security - significance amid potential cyberwarfare
  • Role of Big Data in Cybersecurity: Challenges & Opportunities
  • Privileged Access Management - from planning to implementation
  • Cybersecurity Education & Talent Gap
  • Hacking Stories - overview of latest major cyber attacks

Agenda Format

CSLS will consist of up to 2 parallel session streams. You can submit an individual presentation, an interview or be part of a panel discussion with 3-5 panelists. Panels are moderated by KuppingerCole Analysts. There are also some keynote sessions available through this call. Keynotes last 15 - 20 minutes.

Share Your Experience. Share Your Thoughts

The Cyber Security Leadership Summit offers a great choice of in-depth educational formats. Within this call, you can propose:

  • a panel discussion
  • a best-practice presentation
  • a single presentation
  • a keynote

IMPORTANT: If your company is providing solutions and/or services in markets, which are covered by the topics of this conference, then we will consider your proposals for panel discussions, not for single presentations.


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Speaker Key Dates - CSLS 2019 (Berlin)

  • September 20th, 2019 - Call for speakers for CSLS main conference is closed

Speaker Entitlements

In exchange for your contribution, speakers who are selected to deliver a conference session will receive a complimentary conference registration. As a speaker, you do not need to register. If receiving a speaker notification, you will be automatically registered for the appropriate event.

Speakers must deliver their session at the event to be eligible for the complimentary registration. This complimentary registration is given to the speaker and not aligned with the session. It covers all days of the event at the location you are speaking.

If your organization does not allow you to accept a complimentary pass that KuppingerCole may provide, please inform

Speaker Preparation Materials

As a confirmed CSLS speaker, you will be added to our speaker's mailing list and receive all information you need to prepare and attend through email.

Submitting your Presentation

Final presentations are to be submitted in PDF format and will be made available for event attendees via download. If you don´t want your presentation to be generally available to attendees, you will have an option to restrict it from download when you submit the presentation for review.

Venues, Hotels, Travel Assistance

We try to help wherever we can, but our resources are limited... Please get in touch with our team if you have difficulty finding a hotel etc. Information on the conference venues and available hotels can be found here.