Dr. Niklas Hellemann - Next Generation Phishing – Social Engineering in Times of Voice Phishing, AI and DeepFake

Phishing attacks on companies have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. The high success rates in tactics such as CEO fraud, ransomware or cryptojacking have led to hackers spending much more time and resources manipulating their targets. This is also reflected in the increased incidence of spear phishing attacks and voice phishing operations. At the same time, technological developments in the field of machine learning (e.g. in natural language processing) offer a dangerous basis for new applications in this area. Dr. Niklas Hellemann gives an overview of new social engineering tactics, e.g. the a fraudulent AI-based voice bot that mimmicks the voice of top managers. In addition, hints are given on how companies can prepare themselves for advanced phishing methods, e.g. also using AI-based awareness solutions that simulate such attacks.

Language: English • Duration: 26:59 • Resolution: 1280x720

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