Dr. Komitas Stepanyan - Auditing Cybersecurity Governance: Putting the Elephant in the Fridge

The term Cyber sounds very attractive and everyone wants to use this term nowadays. Although many people talk about cybersecurity, however only some of them pay some attention to cybersecurity governance.
On the one hand, it is a challenge for top management to govern cybersecurity on the other hand it is challenge for internal audit to give an appropriate assurance on cybersecurity. Should Internal Audit give an assurance on cybersecurity – that is one of the most difficult questions? If yes – how? If not – who should? 
Cybersecurity is more about people, management and risk management and less about technologies. Although there are plenty of important, highly recommended technical fixes, new tools and techniques to adopt and implement, however if organizations’ management do not show appropriate leadership, if organizations do not have appropriate structure and processes for cybersecurity governance, than these organizations will be victims of hackers today or tomorrow.

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