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EIC Speaker Spotlight: Jackson Shaw on Identity and the Rise of Platforms

Jackson Shaw, technology sector veteran and Chief Strategy Officer at Identity Access Management firm Clear Skye, is to deliver a keynote presentation entitled Identity and the Rise of Platforms at the European Identity and Cloud Conference 2021 . To give you a sneak preview of what to expect, we asked Jackson Shaw some questions about his planned presentation. You say we are entering a new era of SaaS with new kinds of enterprise platforms, what do you mean by that? What I'm trying to basically say is that what we've...


What is XDR?

Almost all enterprises have many security tools in place already, some of which are still focused on perimeters/DMZs and on hosts, such as servers and endpoints. Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) tools are becoming more commonplace in enterprises and SMBs. EDR tools depend on agents installed on endpoints to collect and transmit telemetry to the EDR console. EDR agents can be instructed by administrators and programmatically to respond to suspicious and malicious events, taking actions like gathering forensic evidence, terminating processes, removing malware, etc. EDR tools emerged...


A Cloud for All Seasons

The Coming Storm On April 28 th , 2021 the European Data Protection Board announced that The Portuguese Data Protection Authority (CNPD) ordered INE (National Institute for Statistics) to suspend the sending of personal data from the Census 2021 to the United States. CNPD has issued a decision addressed to INE for the suspension within 12 hours of any international transfer of personal data to the United States or other third countries without an adequate level of protection in the context of Census 2021 questionnaire. If this were your organization, would it be able to...


Access Management Trends Towards a Zero-Trust Paradigm

Organizations around the world have been rapidly modernizing their access management infrastructures in response to increased cyber-attacks and data breaches, enactment of security and privacy regulations, and a shift to remote working. Access management modernization is quick shift away from insecure passwords, which time and again facilitate criminals to gain access to corporate networks and data. A recent survey on the Psychology of Passwords found that 59% of the respondents use the same password repeatedly, at home and in the office. The main reason behind this dangerous trend is...


Where Workflows, Service Management, Digital Identities, and Work From Home Meet

Simplifying access to IT services by building on platforms for IT workflows and beyond ServiceNow, over the past few years, has emerged as one of the leaders in the ITSM (IT Service Management) market and beyond to what today is named ESM (Enterprise Service Management). In fact, the evolution of that market has helped ITSM leave the bunker of IT, and become a strategic element for businesses. ESM today is much bigger and more important than ITSM ever was The reason is that ESM supports organizations in business process optimization, based on central platforms with centralized...


Blueprint for a Digital Health Pass

The Good Health Pass Interoperability Blueprint was released mid-June to help shape the development of a cohesive but decentralized method of issuing, holding, and verifying the results of a COVID status test. The Good Health Pass Collaborative (GHPC) is an open and publicly funded collaborative; it was founded by ID2020 and the working group is managed by the Trust over IP Foundation . The blueprint , which is now available for public comment, lays out the most important and intentional design choices as well as recommendations to implement an interoperable and inclusive system....


A First End to the Schrems II Limbo

Writing about legal topics is always a challenge. I am not a lawyer, but as an analyst and advisor, however, I almost inevitably encounter the implications of laws and current case law. Thus, this text describes only a personal assessment and is not intended to be, and should not be used as, legal advice (and in any case KuppingerCole Analysts do not provide legal advice). At the end of the day, any action should be clarified with colleagues properly qualified to do so, including the legal team. The ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), which has gained some notoriety under...


Google Launches Vertex AI

Google has launched Vertex AI , its fully managed artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platform for the enterprise. It tackles the challenge of operationalizing AI/ML projects with automated pipelines, accessibility for business users, data scientists, and ML engineers, and pre-trained APIs for speech, vision, video, and more. The divide between technical know-how and precise customization and implementation of ML models is shrinking rapidly, thanks to AI Service Clouds. Fully Managed will be a Distinguishing Feature Fully managed will become a distinguishing...


IT Security Transformation Can Come from Unexpected Places

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated IT transformation in many ways. Lessons learned, among other things, is that IT software architecture must be highly flexible and scalable to handle the unforeseen tsunami waves of network traffic and flexible enough to address cyber-attacks in areas least expected or prepared, such as potential vulnerabilities in communication applications like Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Trello. Organization's sudden imperative to shore up cybersecurity systems such as Access Management became strikingly apparent. Zero Trust During the covid-19 pandemic, the...


Cloud Codes of Conduct Get the EU Green Light, but More Is Still Needed

Green Light On May 20 th , 2021 it was announced that the EU Cloud Code of Conduct had received official approval by the Belgian Data Protection Authority, following the positive opinion issued by the European Data Protection Board.  At the same time, the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) comprised of all the European Data Protection Authorities (DPA) provided a favourable opinion that the CISPE Data Protection Code of Conduct complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This has been a long journey – in 2017 we published a Leadership...

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