Balancing User Experience, Privacy, & Security

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For organizations that want to ensure safe and efficient access to their services, effective identity and access management solutions are essential. But, ensuring maximum security while maintaining a smooth user experience is a constant challenge. More we move into the digital environment, the more each company must focus on these aspects and construct the IAM programs with the consumers in mind. With the changing regulatory environment, this is further complicated. 


Vectors of Identity: A Model for Better User Experience

Date: Thursday, May 14, 2020 Time: 14:30-15:30

Vectors of Identity: A Model for Better User Experience
George Fletcher, Verizon Media Group

In many identity flows today, the user experience is the same regardless of the operation the user is trying to perform. This often means that from the user's perspective, they have a binary experience; either they are already logged and are NOT challenged, or they are not logged in and are challenged. The concepts of this talk go beyond "adaptive authentication" in that "authentication strength" is only one of the vectors being considered. This talk will define a set of identity "vectors"...

Panel: Best Ways to Balance User Experience & Security for your Consumer Identity Management Strategy
Robin Goldstein, Microsoft • Dave Lewis, Duo Security (now part of Cisco) • Ishara Karunarathna, WSO2 • Martyn Roberts, Squareball

The challenge is to offer user-friendly login procedures via social media accounts, passwords or biometric devices while securing and respecting personal data at the same time. This combination must be taken seriously to provide a smooth Customer Experience (CX) and to guarantee that every consumer can control the access to his personal information. Join this panel to hier the best practise advises of experts in the branch.

Designing Consumer Identity Systems for Inclusion
Nishant Kaushik, Uniken

As digital identity penetrates and permeates through all aspects of human society, it is helping make consumer services widely available, secure, and personalized. But there is a dark side to this. Identity Management design has largely evolved from the field of security engineering, where designs are often based on the model of an average, or typical, user. This ignores the vast diversity in skills, ages, cultural backgrounds, devices, genders, races and (dis)abilities of the...

Consent vs. Consent Restrictions – Enabler or Stumbling Block for Businesses?

Date: Thursday, May 14, 2020 Time: 15:30-16:30

Consent vs. Consent Restrictions – Enabler or Stumbling Block for Businesses?
James Aschberger, One.Thing.Less AG

Consent has been and remains the principal option for most companies to process personal data in a lawful manner. As such, most user experiences are designed to quickly elicit broad consent from individuals without them reading or understanding what they have consented to. As a result, people are exposed to the growing risk of experiencing undesired use of their data and related negative consequences affecting their lives and relationships. Consent is the most valuable leverage...

Panel:Customer Identities are Critical - How can Businesses Build Trust and a Privacy-Centric CIAM Strategy?
Mayur Upadhyaya, Akamai • Mike Kiser, SailPoint

  Digital trust is what sets brands apart from their competitors. Taking and storing customer data is a duty of care, and brands cannot afford data breaches or compromises. To gain digital trust, leading brands need an airtight data protection strategy that gives customers control of their personal data without compromising user experiences. The strategies by which companies collect, store, use, and manage consumer profiles are under growing scrutiny from...

Identity APIs is the New Black in CIAM
Ishara Karunarathna, WSO2

Expectations for a great consumer user experience keep rising along with the complexities of the growing range of customer devices, touchpoints, and privacy regulations. This urges continual improvements in consumer identity and access management systems (CIAM). With this increasing complexity of the CIAM requirements its time to re-think the relationship between CIAM solutions and application developers. To continuously deliver new customer and business needs CIAM solutions have to focus on...

Managing and Propagating Consents for Optimal Business Processes Support

Date: Thursday, May 14, 2020 Time: 17:00-18:00

Managing and Propagating Consents for Optimal Business Processes Support
Markus Bauer, xdi360

There are various consents a user gives to participate in specific business processes. Consents can be given through various touch points like online platforms, call centers or at a partner’s site. The requirements regarding where an how consents must be propagated and how consents must be made available vary depending on the nature of the consent. Three approaches to consent data models and flows are introduced, compared and rated regarding availability, reliability of synchronization...

Panel: Customers Expectation of CIAM - How to Serve Your Target Audience Right
James Aschberger, One.Thing.Less AG

We've heard about the technical capabilities that CIAM solutions have to offer, and about the business and regulatory drivers in the field. But what do consumers want? In this session, we'll hear the perspective of business and market experts regarding their digital identities. What are the top concerns of the customers? What are the features they like and dislike? 

How Customer Identity is Keeping your Organization Hostage - The true Cost of Legacy Customer Identity and How to set your Organization free
Hugo Löwinger, PwC Europe

CIAM or 'Customer Identity' is by no means a new thing. Most companies have been interacting and transacting online with their customers for at least the past 15 years. This is also one of the key issues: legacy, both in organizational thinking and -IT.  During this session we will examine the price organizations pay for this legacy in terms of operational cost, customer satisfaction, fraud, compliance, mist opportunities in leveraging AI, and agility. We will share...

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