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Virtual Event
Access Management: Managing Your Risk
Dec 07, 2022
For many businesses, Access Management still remains a big challenge. Not only should we control who has access to our systems, but we should also know where people are accessing this information from, and what exactly they are doing with it. This is particularly challenging when working in the cloud, as well as having customers, employees and other external sources accessing applications remotely and with multiple devices. Multiple devices mean more access points to manage which create a higher risk to your business. In this KCLive Event we take a critical look at employee and third-party...
Virtual Event
Driving Innovation With Identity Fabrics
Oct 06, 2022
Digital Transformation has put businesses under a lot of pressure, not only with regards to compliance but also through a high demand for customer privacy and improved user experience. With too much security, e.g., through Authentication, users are scared off, whereas having too little security is risky. How do we find the right balance? To succeed in Digital Transformation, businesses need a strong digital identity backend that delivers all identity services required by the new digital services that are created. Unfortunately, most digital identities reside in silos. Building a modern...
Virtual Event
Becoming a Better Privileged Access Manager
Sep 14, 2022
Organizations across the world are plagued by limited visibility of privileged accounts, users, and credentials. This creates a host of security and audibility issues, with former employees retaining access to sensitive information - a dangerous backdoor for attackers. As organizations accelerate towards the cloud, it is critical to have a strategic privileged access approach in place to ensure secure onboarding and management of new privileged accounts at scale. Join leading security practitioners and researchers at this KCLive Event to become a better privileged access manager. Gain...
Virtual Event
The Future of Identity & Access Management
Jul 06, 2022
There are so many factors that have recently had a dramatic impact on how we do business. COVID-19 has forced us into a new era of remote working and a massive cloud-first trend has provided us with complex multi-cloud, multi-hybrid infrastructures and a new level of attack landscapes. On the other side of the coin, we are seeing a massive shift to doing business online. Digital transformation has become a reality and the ability to provide a seamless digital experience to our customers and prospects has a direct impact on our revenues. The enterprise has become a virtual place without a...
Virtual Event
Managing Complexity: How to Define an Enterprise Cybersecurity Fabric That Delivers
Jun 22, 2022
Cyber-Attacks are increasing in frequency and they are getting smarter at an amazing pace, with each successful hit being potentially more disastrous than the last, causing greater destruction and incurring higher recovery costs. At the same time, we are working hard to increase resilience by investing in more and better tools, and the latest technology, creating an over-abundance of cybersecurity infrastructure and tools. But are we doing any better or is it even getting worse? Such a complex tools landscape comes at a price: more patch management challenges, more misconfiguration, more...
Virtual Event
Zeroing in on Zero Trust
Mar 23, 2022
As organizations across the world continue to adopt a hybrid working model, there is a clear need for a new security model that adapts to the complexity of a mobile workforce. The Zero Trust security approach moves away from a default trust model towards one that is centered around the core principle of “Never Trust, Always Verify”. Adopting a verification-based management of identities and devices is critical to address modern security challenges and to ensure enterprise security. Join this KCLive Event to learn how enterprises across industries are making the transition towards zero...
Virtual Event
Digital ID & Identification
Nov 24, 2021
In the digital age, new technologies and services are greeted with greater enthusiasm than ever before, increasingly mediating identity verification and identification of individuals. As digitization increases, so does the need for legal and technical safeguards to ensure privacy and security. Global demand for eGovernance platforms and the digital IDs to securely access contactless services has also increased, raising concerns among many players in the global digital ecosystem.
Virtual Event
Securing Industry 4.0
Oct 27, 2021
Industry 4.0 promises a hyper-connected manufacturing environment where cyber-physical systems, IoT devices, and cloud computing combine to enable self-optimizing and self-adapting “smart factories” that can run production processes autonomously.
Virtual Event
Enterprise Blockchain Day
Oct 13, 2021
Blockchain technology has been touted as the ‘solution’ to every problem, yet few enterprises have effectively deployed the technology. The Enterprise Blockchain Day aims to stimulate conversations that matter - reflecting the spectrum of views in the domain.
Virtual Event
The Access Management Playbook: Securing Today's Organizations
Jul 21, 2021
Managing the granting and revoking of access based on user workflows is paramount to enabling effective risk management. Enforcing distinct access control requires an interconnected access management system that aligns with company policies and regulations.
Virtual Event
Cloud Strategy Optimization - Ensuring Efficient and Secure Collaboration on Cloud
Jul 07, 2021
Join the KCLive Event on Cloud Strategy Optimzation to learn how to develop a state-of-the-art cloud strategy for your business.
Virtual Event
Managing Digital Workflows with ServiceNow
Jun 23, 2021
Join senior practitioners from research and enterprise as they discuss the current state of ITSM, highlight business opportunities brought about by SerivceNow and demonstrate live use-cases enabled by the platform. IT professionals from enterprise, SMEs, and government institutions - be sure not to miss out on this exciting KCLive Event!