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Managing digital identities and being in control of your own data, share it only when necessary and as much as necessary seems to be impossible through traditional centralized identity management models. Blockchain technology is promising to solve this challenge by providing decentralized approach which offers more control and security to the challenge of digital identities. Blockchain makes Self Sovereign Identities (SSIs) possible, and concepts, as well as number of commercial products, are being offered on the market already. It remains to be seen how scalability, governance questions, and future privacy regulations affect wider adoption of Blockchain technology.


Reimagining Identity: a Buyer’s Guide to Blockchain Identity

Date: Thursday, May 14, 2020 Time: 11:00-12:00

Reimagining Identity: a Buyer’s Guide to Blockchain Identity
Annie Bailey, KuppingerCole

Blockchain is a reaction to real security and privacy concerns.  Whether or not you choose to adopt any blockchain solution, these concerns do exist and should be addressed in the way you manage enterprise Identity and Access Management. This is session is for those who want to know what components to consider when implementing a blockchain ID system, and for those who wouldn’t touch blockchain with a 10-foot stick but still value the insights that come from a different identity...

Self-Sovereign Identity: It's About More Than Identity
Andrew Tobin, Evernym

In this talk Andy will describe the three core capabilities that are required for self-sovereign identity, what they do, why they are important, and how they interrelate. But it's about more than just identity. Once these capabilities are in place, identity becomes just one use case out of thousands. The digital world will be transformed through a new wave of innovation being termed "Trust over IP" which is based on the technology created to support SSI.

Panel: The Challenges Of Deploying SSI At Scale
Andrew Tobin, Evernym • Rouven Heck, ConsenSys • Dr. Michele Nati, IOTA Foundation • Xavier Vila Pueyo, Validated ID

Solving Problems with SSI

Date: Thursday, May 14, 2020 Time: 12:00-13:00

Solving Problems with SSI
Will Abramson, Edinburgh Napier University

An overview of a number of problem-driven use cases for SSI technology, focusing on a number of different domains; healthcare, distributed machine learning and education. A recap of research undertaken at the Blockpass Identity Lab over the last year.

Bringing Self-Sovereign Identity Into Practice: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Sebastian Bickerle, Main Incubator GmbH • Marcus Heizmann, Commerz Business Consulting GmbH

In the future, you will not only decide where your data is stored, but also with whom you want to share your data. If you share data, everything will be logged for you and you will always have an overview of who has received data from you. This is what transparency looks like and this is what SSI promises you. But, what are the challenges when trying to implement SSI paradigms in the real world, and where do we may have to change the overall reception on digital...

Panel: Investing in Digital Identity: The Future of Blockchain in the New World of Data Protection Regulation
Kim Cameron, • Dr. Phil Windley, Brigham Young University • Andrew Tobin, Evernym • Dr. Juan Caballero, Spherity GmbH

Munich, Germany


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