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For organizations that want to ensure safe and efficient access to their services, effective identity and access management solutions are essential. But, ensuring maximum security while maintaining a smooth user experience is a constant challenge. More we move into the digital environment, the more each company must focus on these aspects and construct the IAM programs with the consumers in mind. With the changing regulatory environment, this is further complicated. 


CIAM at AUDI - A Constant Transformation in an worldwide Digital Ecosystem

Date: Thursday, May 14, 2020 Time: 11:00-12:00

CIAM at AUDI - A Constant Transformation in an worldwide Digital Ecosystem
Genc Begolli, AUDI AG

AUDI has developed a worldwide digital ecosystem for its customers. In order to participate at the ecosystem and to consume the provided services a profound CIAM infrastructure has been developed by AUDI. To cope with the evolved customer needs, the increased number of digitalized services and of course matured requirements from security and data privacy the CIAM infrastructure is at a constant transformation at AUDI. During this session we will give you a rough overview of...

Transformation from a "Contract Specifc Login to a User Centric Experience"
Rolf Hausammann, Swisscom

Customer IAM (CIAM) and Digital Transformation
Martin Ingram, Royal Bank of Scotland

How does Digital Transformation change how we deliver Customer IAM? What have I learned as we have embraced Digital Transformation? How can CIAM help deliver on the promise of Digital transformation? How CIAM will become a business enabler in the future

Latest Results from the Leadership Compass "Fraud Reduction"

Date: Thursday, May 14, 2020 Time: 12:00-13:00

Latest Results from the Leadership Compass "Fraud Reduction"
John Tolbert, KuppingerCole

Organizations across many industries are dealing with increasing levels of fraud of many different types. Fraud is harming businesses and leading many to augment existing digital services with technologies designed to reduce fraud based on real-time use of intelligence from various sources. Examples of the main attack types driving the need for Fraud Reduction Intelligence Platforms are Credential stuffing for Account TakeOver (ATO), New Account Fraud, Screen Scraping, Inventory Skimming or...

Hidden Motivators of Data Breaches
Christian Goy, Behavioral Science Lab

According to BakerHostetler’s 2019 Data Security Incident Repot, phishing was the most common cybersecurity attack strategy, accounting for 37% of incidents. With all the employee training in place to reduce breaches, why do such mistakes still happen? Is it carelessness, ignorance, a mis-guided intention to “help,” or maliciousness?  Without knowing the motivation or who is most likely to mis-behave, are we formulating and putting in place effective training and...

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