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  •  TYPE: Track    START DATE:  Wednesday, May 13, 2020     START TIME: 11:00    LOCATION:  ALPSEE
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Digital identities are core elements of any digital transformation. Letting the customer into your enterprise to manage processes and information related to him means that you need to have a secure and adaptive system in place to manage identities and their access rights. Implementing such capabilities on a per-service base is expensive, slow and risky. Setting up an Identity Fabric delivering identity services to the new digital business will enable you to take the lead and strengthen your innovative power. EIC 2020 will help you define a step-by-step approach to migrate from your legacy IAM to a future-proof Identity Fabric.


Identity Fabrics: Delivering IAM for the Digital Business

Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 Time: 11:00-12:00

Identity Fabrics: Delivering IAM for the Digital Business
Martin Kuppinger, KuppingerCole

Identity Management is on the change. It will never be the same again. It is already more than Employee IAM. The segregation between various parts of IAM is blurring. Digital business require advanced identity services, well beyond the human identities. Identity Fabrics are the model for your Future IAM. They are about a consistent set of capabilities and services in a modern architecture, supporting your business and IT use cases. They deliver the Identity Services for your new digital...

Panel: Disruptive Role of Mobile Device Manufactures Within the Digital Identity Market
Kim Cameron, Idenpendent Identity Advisor • Adam Cooper, ID Crowd • Dr. Dirk Woywod, Verimi • Artur Burgardt, CORE SE

In context of the continuously growing degree of digitization, the sub-sector of strong identification and authentication of private and legal persons is increasingly being transferred to the digital world. An exponentially growing, cross-industry market potential of digital identity management is evident.  New segments of significant market relevance based on strong identification / authentication are emerging, such as e-health, Internet of Things and smart cities. Within existing...

Re-inventing Identity Management at the BBC

Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 Time: 12:00-13:00

Re-inventing Identity Management at the BBC
Ros Smith, BBC

You don’t need to go to many Identity Management conferences to realise that Identity and Access Management projects are hard to implement and also that IAM is one of the least “technological” of the Security disciplines, with it being 10% technology and 90% business change. The BBC is currently meeting the challenge of IAM transformation head on. As one of the 90% Ros Smith will explain: The strategic approach being taken What has been achieved so far...

IAM Performance Measurement
David Doret, BNP Paribas

IAM Performance Measurement In late 2018, a group of seasoned IAM professionals spent an evening discussing IAM challenges in a café. They shared a common frustration: the absence of a standardized Performance Measurement System (PMS) to monitor and compare the performance of IAM programs in organizations. Yet, as the old saying goes, you only get what you measure. They organized a series of workshops throughout 2019, worked hard and here it is: the foundations of a standardized IAM...

Panel: Unique Digital Identities in Complex and Global Organizations
Dr. Angelika Steinacker, IBM Security Europe • Thorsten Niebuhr, WedaCon • Ros Smith, BBC • David Doret, BNP Paribas

Many organizations have the issue to deal with multiple records for the same person, resulting from different sources or localized lifecycle processes Classical rule-based comparison is usually cumbersome and requires a lot of manual interaction and correction Utilizing cognitive functions and machine learning will support to get to unique Digital Identities in a smart way

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