Cyber-conflicts & Election Security

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Our news feed is filled with reports of current and potential cyber conflicts and fears of election meddling. Rogue players have attacked and plan attacking government institutions around the world in order to destabilize the political and social situation. Public and Government institutions need to assess their vulnerabilities and be better prepared for potential cyber attacks. In this session we will discuss the current threats and future developments in this area.


Operationalizing Election Security Guidance

Date: Thursday, November 14, 2019 Time: 11:00-12:00

Operationalizing Election Security Guidance
Klara Jordan, Global Cyber Alliance

Inflections of Elections – When Ballot Rigging Meets Fraud Prevention
Philipp Schneidenbach, Ventum Consulting

Voting is said to be the first of all citizens duties. No matter what is to be decided: Not voting is said to be a societal taboo. Scandals around the world raise questions about the security of voting and election systems: Manipulations by election staff, inside jobs at polling locations and blatantly insecure systems. All this has been there since decades, but why does it happen again and again? What can be done to mitigate risk? And how can the current discussion about digital trust...

Georgia’s 10 Year Cyber Security Challenge

Date: Thursday, November 14, 2019 Time: 12:00-13:00

Georgia’s 10 Year Cyber Security Challenge
Mari Malvenishvili, Cyber Security Studies and Education Center (CYSEC)

 In August 2008, large-scale cyber attacks against Georgia’s critical infrastructure conducted simultaneously with the kinetic war, presented the first approbation of the new ‘Russian hybrid’ – mutually supporting efforts of information, cyber and kinetic operations. Georgian case was the only instance when cyber means were used in the direct connection and support of the major military operations as part of a state to state conventional war. Since 2008, the...

Panel - New Cybersecurity Challenges: Cyber-conflitcs in Perspective
Philipp Schneidenbach, Ventum Consulting • Mari Malvenishvili, Cyber Security Studies and Education Center (CYSEC) • Klara Jordan, Global Cyber Alliance

Berlin, Germany


Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2019

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