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Over the last few years number of incidents increased dramatically, many billions of dollars are used for cyber resilience. Even with the increased spending the chance of your company becoming the victim of such attack is still high and you must be ready for the appropriate cyber incident response. It is imperative to improve your post incident communication skills and develop a communication plan. Find the reason and the source of your data breach/cyber attack and Identify the vulnerability in your system. In this session we will discuss the incident response plans and go over latest positive and negative examples of such actions.


Digital Transformation Resilience - Are You Really Prepared?

Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2019 Time: 14:00-15:00

Digital Transformation Resilience - Are You Really Prepared?
Mike Small, KuppingerCole

Many organizations are undergoing “Digital Transformation” to become more agile, closer to their customers and more efficient.  While this has the potential to provide enormous benefits, many organizations are not prepared for the risks that it brings.  As the organization transforms it becomes more dependent upon its IT systems and hence more vulnerable to the effects of a cyber-attack or simple failure of their IT systems.  Does your digital transformation plan...

Slashing TTR: An Automation-First Approach to Incident Response
Brian Wagner, Bulletproof

Time-to-resolution (TTR) is the time from when an incident is reported to the time it is resolved, and a critical incident management KPI. Automating common steps such as indication of compromise, reconnaissance, and defining last-known-good state can enable data-driven decisions to improve TTR. In this session, I will propose opportunities in the incident lifecycle that can be automated and ultimately reduce the security risk to your environment by resolving incidents quickly.

Cyber Security and Risk Management

Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2019 Time: 15:00-16:00

Cyber Security and Risk Management
Christian Nern, KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Today´s security measures typically focus on classifying information and the level of protection they require. They form the foundation for risk assessment and the implementation of protective measures afterwards but are often based on an in-house point of view and do not reflect or incorporate the dynamic threat landscape the financial institutes are facing. Can we leverage monitoring solutions, threat intelligence and other sources of information and integrate them into the risk...

Cyber Resilience – Every Second Counts (Video)
Mike Small, KuppingerCole • Felicity March, IBM

The next Disruptors are those organization that remain undisrupted. Understand the implications of outages on a business and how to ensure you have the people, processes and technology to maintain core purpose and integrity no matter what. 

Panel - How to Prevent Cyber Incidents and Reduce Their Impact
John Tolbert, KuppingerCole • Brian Wagner, Bulletproof

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