Identity Management & Cloud Security

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Distributed nature of the cloud-based platforms makes them fairly complex and requires a shift from traditional, perimeter-based cybersecurity approaches. Putting Identity Management as a central point of the security models is more suitable. This, in turn, requires a fundamental change of the thinking and strategic planning from security experts, as well as the proper technological shift. In this session, we will talk about identity management as a way of enhancing cybersecurity posture. 


The Journey Towards a Passwordless Enterprise

Date: Thursday, October 10, 2019 Time: 13:00-14:00

The Journey Towards a Passwordless Enterprise
Alexei Balaganski, KuppingerCole

Everyone knows that the password is dead, yet most companies are still struggling with them. With such a broad choice of strong authentication products on the market, what can possibly prevent their broader adoption? If you are still thinking about finding the right balance between security and user experience, you’re doing it wrong. Even more, if you are still thinking about password replacement as just a matter of introducing strong authentication into your company, you really...

How to Move from Always-on Privileged Access to Just-in-Time Administration and Drastically Reduce Your IT Security Risk
Morey J. Haber, BeyondTrust

A true least-privilege security model requires users, processes, applications, and systems, to have just enough rights and access—and for no longer than necessary—to perform a necessary action or task. While organizations are increasingly effective at applying the “just enough” piece using privileged access management (PAM) solutions, they have largely neglected the time-limited part of the equation. Today, powerful accounts with always-on (24x7) privileged access...

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