Consumer Identity Management (CIAM): The Future

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The wheel of innovation is turning so much faster today than it used to in the past decade. In thinking about CIAM, we have to talk about conversational interfaces, chatbots and other AI driven ways of digital interaction, as they are more and more becoming the new normal. Some of the insights this EIC2018 track will provide to you:

  • The Future of CIAM; What to consider today
  • Mastering the Privacy Challenges created by Conversational Marketing and Commerce
  • ”I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.” (Stanley Kubrick/2001): Harnessing the incredible power of Conversational Interfaces


Making CIAM real in Logistics

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Time: 14:30-15:30

Making CIAM real in Logistics
Douwe Lycklama, INNOPAY & iSHARE Lead

Data sharing is the strategic direction when it comes to advancing the logistics sector in the field of better supply chain visibility and predictability while improving operational en financial efficiency. iSHARE takes a radically different approach by creating a multilateral trust network (legal, functional, operational and technical agreements) in which data sources and data platforms can authorise each other on granular level for access. In this way parties can share data in an easy,...

Defending Your CIAM from Current Threats
Alex Weinert, Microsoft

Learn best practices from the Azure AD Identity Protection team on how to use the latest defenses to secure your organization against the latest threats. This will be focused on policy recommendations and a structured approach with classes of technology. The recommendations are based on experience defending billions of users across 100s of millions of organizations against attacks of all types.

Why C-IAM Projects Fail - Five Most Common Obstacles
Arne Vodegel, IPG GmbH Deutschland

Marketing driven C-IAM projects are asked to go live within few weeks. Does that really work? There are several root causes for failures: Missing strategy, technology agnostic stakeholders, legacy back end systems, portals without support of standards and too many silos for user data. Let´s compare reality and expectations to find a conclusion for future steps.

Practical Approaches to (Customer) Identity Governance through AI

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Time: 15:30-16:30

Practical Approaches to (Customer) Identity Governance through AI
Alessandro Festa, One Identity

AI is a broader term to define a set of technologies that are becoming part of our application. In Identity and with special regards to governance the need of digital assistants (bots) and of Machine Learning (ML) algorithm that improve our employee performance and increase our security controls is absolutely a need. Through a set of practical use cases, we will look at how ML, NLP (Natural Language Processing), automated assistants may help our employees in their daily tasks but also how...

Know Your (Digital) Customer in the Identity Theft Era
Shaked Vax, IBM

As businesses evolve to support a complete digital experience, a challenge has emerged to one of the most basic questions of doing business: How can I truly trust I know my customer?. In the world of data breaches and identity theft, legacy programs of identity proofing and authentication do not instill a high level of confidence in the end user’s claims to allow establishing digital identity trust. New technologies and approaches are needed to assess the risk of digital identities...

Identity Repair as an Integral Part of the Ecosystem
Adam Cooper, ID Crowd

Identity theft costs tens of billions of Euros every year and continues to rise. Account takeovers are also rising at an astonishing rate, increasing by 300% in the US between 2016 and 2017. The impact of this fraudulent activity has a profound impact on the lives of consumers affecting their credit rating, reputation, and finances, as well as having emotional and potentially psychological consequences. The ability to repair an identity online will be an increasingly important tool for...

How to manage Customer Identities – a Real World Example

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Time: 17:30-18:30

How to manage Customer Identities – a Real World Example
Sebastian Goodrick, SUVA

This real world implementation example describes the technical concept to build a CIAM implementation on a role based access control IAM tool. As for most data driven companies, IT backends provide data access for employees based on a granted role. In contrast, customer access rights need to be limited to their small data slice, based on their company, and their respective role in their company, or their individual data. It seems to be a good idea to reuse the same IAM tool for keeping...

Best Practice: S-Group
Erno Björs, S Group (SOK) • Dr. Kai Kuikkaniemi, S Group (SOK)

Munich, Germany


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