Securing your Customer's Journey through CIAM

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Panel: How to Work Together in a Privacy Preserving Way to Mitigate Risks

Date: Tuesday, November 28, 2017 Time: 14:00-15:00

Panel: How to Work Together in a Privacy Preserving Way to Mitigate Risks
Thom Langford, SentinelOne • Katryna Dow, Meeco • Maria Macocinschi, University of Turku • Patrice Slupowski, Orange

Digital identity is central to all electronic transactions. Prevention of credential misuse is the first responsibility of identity management professionals today. Proper identity management includes identity vetting, issuance of credentials, risk-appropriate authentication and authorization, auditing, and more. Regulations such as GDPR also mandate that identity management systems must work to preserve the privacy of users. This session will explore contemporary means of protecting...

How Cognitive Sciences Are Revamping Customer Knowledge - the Financial Industry Example
Tiphaine Saltini, Neuroprofiler

Cognitive sciences have the power to put an end to generic and mass-market marketing. They allow companies to conduct a more detailed examination of clients and prospects, which leads to more and more customized marketing solutions and products. Behavioral finance is a case in point by empowering financial institutions to better understand how clients rationally and irrationally react to risk and investment opportunities. 

Family Identity and Consent Management - It’s Not Child’s Play!

Date: Tuesday, November 28, 2017 Time: 15:00-16:00

Family Identity and Consent Management - It’s Not Child’s Play!
Denise G. Tayloe, PRIVO

Organizations adoption of third party identity systems is driven by scalability, security and ease of use for the consumer, but when minors are involved, systems must step-up their game.  The game begins with an age indicator to guide next steps in knowing the customer. Whether you are blocking engagement or inviting them in, the age attribute in identity systems, may trigger the need for verifiable consent from parent/guardians who are sitting on the sidelines. In this session,...

Trust Frameworks: Their Critical Role in Governing Identity Systems
Sue Dawes, OIX UK Europe

This presentation will explain the concept of a trust framework and the role it plays in governing an identity system and in allocating liability among the participants in an identity system. The session will provide a comprehensive guide on how to create a trust framework, including the issues that should be addressed in a trust framework. In doing so, it will take a close look at the way in which a trust framework can be used to define, allocate, and limit the potential...

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