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Martin Kuppinger Member of the Board

Stuttgart / Germany

25 years in IT industry

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Roles & Responsibilities at KuppingerCole:

As Founder and Principal Analyst, Martin Kuppinger oversees the KuppingerCole research, provides own research, engages in Customer Advisories in his role as Trusted Advisor, and acts as a Member of the Board.

Background & Education:

Martin wrote more than 50 IT-related books and is known as a widely-read columnist and author of technical articles and reviews in some of the most prestigious IT magazines in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He is a renowned global leader in Identity Mangement and Digital Identity and is among the top 10 experts in this field globally. He is also a well-established speaker and moderator at seminars and congresses. Martin holds a Bachelor in Economics.


Areas of coverage:

Martin Kuppinger oversees all areas of KuppingerCole research and has outstanding expertise in areas such as cybersecurity, blockchain, and AI.

Professional experience:

His interest in Identity Management dates back to the 80s, when he also gained considerable experience in software architecture development. Over the years, he added several other fields of research, including virtualization, cloud computing, overall IT security, and others. Having studied economies, he combines in-depth IT knowledge with a strong business perspective.

Recent blog posts


Managing Access and Entitlements in Multi-Cloud Multi-Hybrid IT

Introducing DREAM (Dynamic Resource Entitlement and Access Management) Paradigm for managing all access of everyone and everything to all resources consistently in a multi-cloud multi-hybrid environment. Policy-based, automated, consuming the current state of services &…


Making DevSecOps a Reality and Going Beyond – Introducing SODAS (Secure Operations & Development of Agile Services)

A paradigm for aligning Development, Delivery, Infrastructure Setup & Management, and Operations in a seamless manner, with identity & security always at the forefront. Policy-based, automated, and with well-segregated but aligned responsibilities. DevOps, an integrated…


IT for the Digital Age: Introducing BASIS – Business-Driven Agile Secure IT as a Service

A paradigm for unified delivery of IT services to the business demand, based on automated, policy-based management, and supported by the unification of heterogeneous multi-cloud multi-hybrid IT environments following a services-based approach. Businesses need to reinvent themselves…


CIO Advice: How to Make Your Digital Business Fly

Doing IT right is the premise for delivering time-to-value in the Digital Journey. Success requires an agile IT for delivering secure Digital Services on time. Virtually all organizations have become digital at least to a certain extent in the past three decades since the World Wide…


Microsoft further strengthens Identity and Security offerings by CloudKnox Security acquisition

Microsoft last week announced another acquisition, a few days after announcing the acquisition of RiskIQ . This next acquisition is CloudKnox Security , a vendor offering unified privileged access and cloud entitlement management. These technologies, sometimes also referred to as CIEM…


Where Workflows, Service Management, Digital Identities, and Work From Home Meet

Simplifying access to IT services by building on platforms for IT workflows and beyond ServiceNow, over the past few years, has emerged as one of the leaders in the ITSM (IT Service Management) market and beyond to what today is named ESM (Enterprise Service Management). In fact, the…

Recent research documents

Executive View

Executive View Informatica Cloud Data Governance and Catalog

Informatica Cloud Data Governance and Catalog is a comprehensive solution for managing data and its metadata in a SaaS solution, providing the data catalog and data governance across all corporate data, regardless of where the data resides. It utilizes the AI capabilities of Informatica…

Executive View

Accenture Memority

Accenture Memority is an IDaaS solution supporting both Identity Lifecycle Management and Access Management use cases. It comes with full API support and positions itself as the foundation for a customer’s Identity Fabric. Its strengths stems from the leading-edge support for digital…

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass Identity Fabrics

This report provides an overview of the market for Identity Fabrics, comprehensive IAM solutions built on a modern, modular architecture, and provides you with a compass to help you to find the solution that best meets your needs. We examine the market segment, vendor service functionality,…


Identity for the Business: Identity Fabrics supporting the Digital Transformation

Business is changing fundamentally. Digital Services are the new normal, both as autonomous business models and accompanying physical goods. The connected vehicle and the changes in transportation illustrate this perfectly well. Businesses require a new type of infrastructure for managing…


Identity Governance Herausforderungen mit ForgeRock Autonomous Identity bewältigen

Die meisten Organisationen sehen den Vorteil von Identity Governance und Administration (IGA), erkennen jedoch, dass es in der Praxis Herausforderungen hat, denn bestimmte Aufgaben sind komplex und schwerfällig. Bestehende IGA-Lösungen kommen dadurch an ihre Grenzen und werden als…

Recent videos


Analyst Chat #95: Deconstructing the User Journey (EIC 2021 Special)

KuppingerCole's flagship event EIC 2021 took place very successfully in Munich and online in September. Of course, Matthias took the opportunity to sit down with his fellow analysts in person for some EIC Special Analyst Chat episodes. Building on the themes of his Opening Keynote, Martin…


Analyst Chat #93: Policies and Automation to Secure Your Agile and Dynamic IT Environment

Martin Kuppinger and Matthias discuss the high-priority topic of how to achieve automation of management and security across the entire multi-hybrid, multi-cloud IT infrastructure based on well-defined policies.


Introducing BASIS - Addition to Martin Kuppinger's Opening Keynote


Multi-Cloud Multi-Hybrid IT: How to Make your Digital Business Fly

IT has changed fundamentally in the past years. Multi-cloud environments mixed with private clouds and on-premises infrastructures (multi-hybrid) are the new normal. The high pace in transformation, modernization, and innovation required for success in the digital age requires these…


Making IAM Agile and a Business Enabler 

In the digital era, IAM is no longer just about employees. To become truly digital and tap into the new business benefits, organizations need IAM systems that can cater to partners, consumers and even things, as well as support IAM capabilities across all target systems, regardless of their…