Identity Management Trends: Looking Back at EIC 2023 and Ahead to EIC 2024
As we gear up for EIC 2024, it is time to reflect on impactful trends from the previous year's European Identity and Cloud Conference and look ahead to foresee the major trends likely to shape this year's event.
SAP Identity Management End-of-Life: What’s Next?
SAP Identity Management ends in 2027, with an extended maintenance period until 2030. The time to start planning for your next steps is now.
EIC 2024: Don’t Miss These Highlight Sessions
The European Identity and Cloud Conference 2024 is approaching. Only three more months until EIC 2024 launches in Berlin, June 4th to June 7th.
Digital ID, Web3, and Metaverses
Yes, I said “Metaverses,” not “Metaverse.” Many already exist — such as in manufacturing — and there will be many more, of many different types. We have a lot to expect here, particularly with the evolution of Augmented Reality (AR). Web3 also is ubiquitous. Its definition remains a bit fuzzy, but it is progressing, nonetheless.
The Ping/ForgeRock combination
A couple of months ago, the series of acquisitions of SailPoint, ForgeRock, and Ping Identity by Thoma Bravo triggered discussions and rumors about the impact on the broader Identity & Access Management (IAM) market. Recently, Thoma Bravo announced that ForgeRock would be combined into Ping Identity. Such merger & acquisition (M&A) developments prompt the spate of usual questions.
Securing the Digital Universe: Where Do We Even Start?
What a huge topic. The Digital Universe. Is this more than the Metaverse or less? Anyway: We live in the Digital Age. The vast majority of organizations rely on digital services to run at least parts of their business. Every one of us is consuming such digital services. They are ubiquitous. But this bigger ecosystem of connected digital services, of consumers and customers and citizens, of businesses and governments, of business partners and suppliers, of devices and things is at risk.
Microsoft Putting Decentralized Identities Into Practice
Microsoft has announced their support for Verified Workplace in LinkedIn using Microsoft Entra Verified ID. While this focuses on a specific use case, it is an important step forward towards the ubiquitous use of decentralized identities
Microsoft Security Copilot: Value-adding Generative AI
Microsoft announced the Microsoft Security Copilot, a new security offering based on a combination of the GPT-4 language model, the well-known technology provided by OpenAI that also powers ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing, and Microsoft’s own technology, data, knowledge, and security-specific model from
Identity Fabrics: Where Do You Stand? Where Should You Go?
The term and concept of Identity Fabrics has become popular in recent years. We observe widespread adoption of the concept as the foundation for further evolving IAM (Identity & Access Management) infrastructures. To provide a guideline for organizations, KuppingerCole Analysts have developed a matu
Passwordless Authentication 101
Organizations are faced with ever-increasing security risks, and traditional passwords have been shown over and over again to be unable to shelter users from those risks. Learn how to secure your information by going passwordless.
Enhancing Zero Trust in a ServiceNow Environment
Zero Trust has been established as the guiding principle for cybersecurity. The “don’t trust, always verify” approach stands for methods that don’t rely only on singular security tools, such as the traditional network perimeter firewall, to keep attackers out. Instead, Zero Trust builds on layered s
Martin Kuppinger's Must Watch Sessions
Read now to find out what Martin Kuppinger's must watch sessions are, you should attend!
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