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Thales Acquires OneWelcome: Beyond CIAM

Thales, a global provider of advanced technology solutions, with more than 80,000 employees worldwide, and an established business unit for Digital Identity and Security, has announced the acquisition of OneWelcome, one of the leading European providers of CIAM (Consumer IAM). While the acquisition will provide OneWelcome with a go-to-market capability on a global scale, there are interesting options beyond that. OneWelcome delivers CIAM and B2B management capabilities, consent management, authentication support, and policy-based access control. Thales, on the other hand, has a variety...


Trending at EIC 2022: Identity Proofing & Fraud Reduction

Aside from the convergence of decentralized and centralized identities and the return of policy-based access controls, here is my #3 on the list of hot topics at EIC 2022: Identity proofing & fraud reduction. These are two closely related topics, with fraud covering not only the initial proof of an identity, but also the recurring access and user behavior. Massive market uptake We have seen a massive uptake in both fields, with identity proofing also having a close link to decentralized identities and the reusable proofs in identity wallets. Identity proofing as the reliable...


Trending at EIC 2022: The Return of Policy-Based IAM

Following my recent blog post on trending topics at EIC 2022, where I discussed the integration of decentralized and centralized identities, there are other topics I’d like to highlight. My #2 on the list of outstanding topics at EIC 2022, is the return of policy-based IAM. More than a decade ago, XACML (eXtensible Access Control Markup Language) was a trending topic, as a standard that allows applications to send a request to an authorization server at run-time. The server then checked this request and either granted or revoked access (or granted access with restrictions)....


Trending at EIC 2022: Integrating Decentralized & Centralized Identity

At this year’s European Identity & Cloud Conference (EIC 2022) that we hosted in Berlin from May 10 th to 13 th , some topics stood out from all the vibrant discussions and enlightening presentations. My #1 topic is the emergence of integration between decentralized identity (DID) - also referred to Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) or as verifiable credentials - and traditional, centralized IAM (Identity & Access Management) and CIAM (Consumer IAM). DID has been a hot topic at EIC for many years, but more as an innovation that is somewhat separate from traditional IAM....


The Changing Market for Access Control & Risk Management for Business Applications

Pathlock’s acquisition tour is changing the market dynamics A few days ago, Pathlock, one of the leading providers in the market for Access Control & Risk Management for Business Applications , has announced a merger with Appsian and Security Weaver, and the acquisition of CSI Tools and SAST Solutions. With that, five of the vendors in this market segment, become one. In our recent Leadership Compass on Access Control Solutions for SAP and other LoB (Line of Business) Applications , we had covered overall 23 vendors. With five of these merging into one, it becomes apparent...


The European Identity & Cloud Conference celebrates its 15th edition – time for looking back

As one of the founders of KuppingerCole Analysts, I’m also an EIC (European Identity & Cloud Conference) veteran. Looking back to the start in 2007, a lot has changed since then, but the core of EIC is what it has been from the very beginning: A conference that provides both thought leadership and best practices from the field. A conference that brings together end users, vendors, analysts, and other experts, for close interaction and exchange. A conference that, I dare to say (and I’m proud of), is the most relevant gathering on identity topics globally. Time to...


Software Supply Chain Risks: How to re-assess when there is a ban?

Over the past 16 months, Software Supply Chain Risks have risen to a top concern of CISOs, caused by several software supply chain attacks as well as major risks induced by vulnerabilities in extensively used standard software components, specifically Log4j/Log4shell. Understanding and mitigating software (supply chain) risks as well as protecting the own DevOps pipeline is a must for organizations. This is not a one-time exercise but requires continuous re-evaluation based on standardized methodology. Risks are continuously changing, be it by newly detected vulnerabilities or by external...


Where IAM trends are set: Everything around Identity & Privacy at EIC 2022

Anyone who has attended our European Identity & Cloud Conference (EIC) in the past 15 years will know that this is the leading event when it comes to current and future trends in  IAM and privacy (not to mention cloud security or cybersecurity). EIC is about the union of analyst thought leadership, the expertise of industry leaders, and best practices from the field. This year’s EIC continues and strengthens this proud tradition with more than 200 speakers, covering a huge range of topics, which an increased focus on cybersecurity. Some of the highlights in the...


Accelerating Your Digital Journey

With increasing security standards, companies are struggling to stay up to date. Efficiency is required but integrating new standards into an existing system is time-consuming. Tatsuo Kudo, from Authlete, and Martin Kuppinger discussed how an excellent time-to-value is possible. Watch the interview now to find out more.


No Security Without Confirmation

Today's organizations require a tool for authenticating, encrypting data, or signing documents to ensure security and trust. Konstantin Krasovsky, from Indeed Identity, and Martin Kuppinger discussed what challenges lay ahead for organizations. Watch the interview now to find out more.

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