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Alexei Balaganski Lead Analyst & Chief Technology Officer

Düsseldorf / Germany

Over 25 years in IT industry
At KuppingerCole since 2007

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Alexei is an analyst with specific focus on cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. At KuppingerCole, he covers a broad range of security-related topics: from database, application and API security to security analytics, information protection, and AI-based security automation. He holds a master’s degree in applied mathematics and computer science.

His deep technical understanding of modern technologies and solutions allows him to support customers even with the most complex architectural challenges. His experience includes application development, network administration and information security. After over 25 years in IT, his skills range from managing software projects to designing security architectures, including various aspects of application security. 

Recent blog posts


Is “Why Not Both?” Oracle’s New Product Strategy?

I firmly believe that one of the key success factors of a product strategy in any industry is to be able to offer customers just the right amount of choice. Looking back at the history of such companies as Ford, Kodak, IKEA, or Apple, we can see that their success was to a large extent in…


Google is Buying Mandiant to Boost Customer Protection Against Multi-Cloud Threats

Yesterday, Google has announced its intent to acquire Mandiant , a leading provider of cybersecurity defense and response services, for $5.4 billion – the company’s second-largest acquisition to date. When the deal is closed, Mandiant will join Google Cloud, further expanding…


SQL vs NoSQL? Why Not Both?

The debate over which type of database is superior – the traditional relational (SQL) or modern document (NoSQL) ones – has continued since the NoSQL concept itself emerged around 2009. Back then, a popular opinion was that relational databases with their rigid data schemas and…


Google Cloud Advances Security Capabilities by Acquiring SOAR Vendor Siemplify

Yesterday, Google has announced that it has acquired Siemplify , a well-known provider of security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solutions, for an undisclosed amount. The stated strategic goal of this acquisition is to “change the rules on how organizations hunt,…


Finding a Setting Worthy of Your “Crown Jewels”

Modern businesses depend on digital information. For quite a few years already, it’s been considered the world’s most valuable commodity, worth more than oil, gold, or even printer ink. Some of the world’s largest companies have turned data into their primary source of…


Low-Code Should Not Be Low-Effort for Vendors

The idea of low-code/no-code (LC/NC) application development seems to be extremely popular nowadays, to the point of it almost becoming a marketing buzzword similar, say, to “Zero Trust”. For decades, creating “proper” application software was a complex and tedious…

Recent videos


Analyst Chat #136: Why Securing Microservices Isn’t as Straightforward as You Might Think

Microservices are increasingly becoming the new normal for enterprise architectures, no matter where they are deployed. Alexei Balaganski and Matthias discuss why doing this properly is essential and which aspects need to be considered, way beyond just talking about transport encryption or…


Analyst Chat #120: Leadership Compass Container Security

Securing containers along their lifecycle and wherever they are deployed is a cybersecurity challenge. And it is a new topic for KuppingerCole Analysts. Alexei Balaganski joins Matthias to talk about the just recently completed Leadership Compass on Container Security.


Analyst Chat #117: Practical Zero Trust

This time Alexei Balaganski and Matthias look at practical approaches to actually implementing Zero Trust for specific, real-life use cases. On this occasion, they also finally unveil the connections between Zero Trust and Feng Shui.


Analyst Chat #111: From SIEM to Intelligent SIEM and Beyond

A comprehensive cybersecurity strategy typically includes the use of modern, intelligent Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms. These go far beyond simply aggregating and analyzing log files. Alexei Balaganski outlines the latest market developments based on his…


Analyst Chat #107: From Log4j to Software Supply Chain Security

A new year, and 2022, like 2021, again begins with a look back at a far-reaching security incident. Cybersecurity Analyst Alexei Balaganski and Matthias take the topic of Log4j as an opportunity to look at code quality and cyber supply chain risk management. They also mention Mike Small's…