Generative AI in Cybersecurity – It's a Matter of Trust
We cannot deny the fact that Generative AI is a game-changer in almost every industry, including cybersecurity. And yet it is critical for everyone to understand that GenAI does not do magic. It is just another tool - an extremely sophisticated, sometimes quite delicate, and very expensive one...
The Bletchley Declaration: The Imitation Game of a Different Kind
Last week, the United Kingdom hosted the AI Safety Summit, the first ever international conference on the safety and regulation of artificial intelligence. With attendees from over 30 governments and international organizations, it represented the beginning of long-term international cooperation on AI safety, with the next summit already planned in 2024 in France.
GPTs, Databases, and AI Agility
How to reconcile Generative AI proliferation with security and compliance requirements? Let's have a look at several potential approaches...
Securing Tomorrow: Quantum Computing Horizons in Cybersecurity
Dive into the enigmatic realm of quantum computing, where advanced technology parallels magic. While space exploration and AI seamlessly integrate into daily life, quantum computing remains a captivating mystery. Quantum computers won't replace classical ones; instead, they birth novel algorithms for once-insolvable problems. The blog outlines challenges in constructing and expanding quantum computers due to their fragility and noise.
AI and Cybersecurity: A New Hope for Cyber Defenders?
Statistics from around the world clearly show that data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other cyberthreats are on the rise. Everyone has high hopes for Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies that promise to reshape the cybersecurity and finally tip the scale in favor of cyber defenders.
Oracle CloudWorld Impressions
Last week, I had an opportunity to visit Oracle CloudWorld, the company’s new flagship conference for customers and partners. Here is what has caught my eye among many announcements.
Do You Really Need a VPN?
Nothing is as misunderstood as a VPN. Some providers claim that their VPN makes browsing safer and improves privacy. Is that really the case, or could it make things worse? Read now and find out!
The HeatWave is Spreading
MySQL HeatWave is a managed database service created by Oracle that extends the standard MySQL engine with support for in-database high-performance transactional workloads, analytics, machine learning, and automation. Now it is also offered as a native AWS service.
Who is Afraid of Security Automation?
Understanding security automation is becoming increasingly important as security experts become rarer. Read now!
You Cannot Buy Zero Trust, But That’s Actually OK
Zero Trust is undoubtedly one of the hottest buzzwords in the IT industry. Unfortunately, even the companies highly motivated to adopt Zero Trust as their new strategy are often struggling even with the initial steps. Read now to learn more.
Finally, the Multi-cloud We’ve Been Waiting For
Is “Why Not Both?” Oracle’s New Product Strategy?
Whenever a customer is facing a supposed dichotomy, having to choose between a solution from Oracle or from a competitor, the company’s answer now boils down to a well-known meme: why not both? The latest example is in the recent announcement of Multi-VM Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer
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