Data Privacy Management
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Data Privacy Management

Combined Session
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 15:30—16:30
Location: AMMERSEE I

Balancing User Experience, Privacy and Business Requirements – Learnings From Social CRM

Based on our research about critical privacy areas in Social CRM I could present solutions and discuss further potentials provided by upcoming technologies and resulting requirement on privacy management systems.
Social CRM is a bit special as indeed many applications and processes areas are still in legally grey area, without established and accepted standards. Users tend to ignore this fact as many applications and process provide a value for them and/or are comfortable. Based on this specific setup I could build up the discussion and presentation.
This presentation would be more a discussion to show potential solutions and not the presentation of a specific solution

Dr. Olaf Reinhold
Dr. Olaf Reinhold
Social CRM Research Center e.V.
Dr. Olaf Reinhold is manager and board member of the Social CRM Research Center e.V. and guest lecturer at the Information Systems Institute at the Leipzig University. His research interest is...

Data Privacy

Do people really care about data privacy?

The pandemic has forced more of us into digital channels and with that has come an over sharing of personal data. It’s become too easy to upload an app and straight away put your name, email address, payment details in, without actually understanding fully where and with whom that information may be shared and why it's being used.

Is this a cost that people are prepared to pay?

Latest research suggests a growing data privacy chasm between people and business. How can business bridge this chasm?

Jason Smith
Jason Smith
A highly strategic, technical and commercially astute executive. Jason has over 20 years of experience of starting, growing and managing businesses. The last 10 years of which have been with data...

Securing the Privacy of Non-logged in Devices

Many services across the web today allow users to consume the service without explicitly signing up. They generally identify users by a cookie containing a unique browser-id and store user data against it.

Data privacy laws today require these services to provide such users the ability to return all the user data stored when requested. Authentication of such users today is commonly done by secure identifier cookies. This talk will explore a strong (cryptographic) browser authentication mechanism leveraging “Proof of Possession (PoP)” based on open standards, using secure local storage, and public key cryptography. 

Key Takeaways:

George Fletcher
George Fletcher
Verizon Media Group
George Fletcher currently serves as the Identity Standards Architect for Verizon Media Group supporting the partner and consumer sides of the business. He is a seasoned software architect with 25+...
Deepak Nayak
Deepak Nayak
Verizon Media
Deepak Nayak currently serves as the Identity and Privacy platforms Architect for Verizon Media building solutions at internet scale for consumer identity and user data privacy. He is a seasoned...


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