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Product Report: SECUDE Security Intelligence

by Martin Kuppinger

... pressure. Product Report: SECUDE Security Intelligence SECUDE Security Intelligence 1.0 Product Report © KuppingerCole, ... Martin Kuppinger, Tim Cole, Jörg Resch, Dr ... Martin Kuppinger, Tim Cole, Jörg Resch, Dr ... from the source systems in real-time (“incidence-triggered”), but ... Martin Kuppinger, Tim Cole, Jörg Resch, Dr ... Martin Kuppinger, Tim Cole, Jörg Resch, Dr ... Martin Kuppinger, Tim Cole, Jörg Resch, Dr ...

Market Compass

Market Compass: Global IaaS Providers Tenant Security Controls

by Mike Small

... to be monitored in near real time. Security Posture - Within organizations the ... and develop applications using Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning cloud service ... action with near-real-time, contextual visibility into the tenant's security posture. These ... as machine learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes and analytics, ... of development services including Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, and SaaS ... with near-real-time, contextual visibility into the tenant's security posture. These ...

Executive View

Executive View: Cequence Security API Sentinel

by Alexei Balaganski

... inventory cannot be a one-time process – continuous real-time monitoring is needed to ... to match other modern security analytics tools in intelligence – being able to ... API security product, a cloud-native, easily deployable solution for performing real-time API ... API Sentinel is Cequence Security's specialized API security product, focusing on API ... be combined with external threat intelligence to allow customers to assess ... simplifies management, creation of policies. Real-time API risk assessment with sensitive ...

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass: Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

by John Tolbert

... , vendors are expanding their existing security intelligence, security orchestration or incident response platforms ... platform can collect historical and real-time security telemetry either on its own ... the process of adding intelligence and context to security events and incidents ... also offers endpoint security, XDR, threat intelligence feeds, and other security products. XSOAR ... de-duplicate intelligence subscriptions ThreatConnect is OEM’d into other security operations platforms ...

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: Architecting your Security Operations Centre

by Paul Simmonds

... activity/security events (Firewalls, IDS/IPS, NetFlow, Vulnerability Scanners), threat intelligence ( ... of data being received: A Security Intelligence platform, commonly referred to as ... determine their risk in near real-time. Integrate your existing Vulnerability ... both difficult and time-consuming. The threat intelligence gained from what ... from the collected security data analysts have no time to keep ... a crisis. Related Research Advisory Note: Real Time Security Intelligence - 71033 Advisory Note: Managing Risks ...

Executive View

Executive View: Elastic Security

by Alexei Balaganski

... vertically integrated security solution. Elastic Security combines SIEM, endpoint security, and ... engine designed to support real-time search even in massive, ... for example, sophisticated threat intelligence or out-of-the-box ... and Elastic Endpoint Security form a tightly integrated security analytics platform, which ... refreshing alternative approach towards designing a security analytics solution. Built on a ... Response – 80508 Advisory Note: Real-Time Security Intelligence – 71033 Leadership Brief: Responding to ...

Leadership Brief

Leadership Brief: Lösungen für die Personalknappheit in Ihrem Cyber Defense Center

by Martin Kuppinger

... Informationen über Angriffsvektoren an sogenannte Security Intelligence Platforms (SIPs) liefern, welche ... und darauf reagieren zu können Security Intelligence PlatformsKognitive SicherheitswerkzeugeSIEM Kenannte reguläre ... Operations Management Basisschutz und -analyse Security Intelligence PlatformsThreat Intelligence ServicesPrivileged Threat AnalyticsFirewallsIdentity & Access ... Ansätze wie Security Intelligence Platforms (SIPs), die manchmal auch als Real Time Security Intelligence (RTSI) bezeichnet werden ...

Executive View

Executive View: Exabeam Security Management Platform

by Alexei Balaganski

... products, bringing a broad range of security intelligence solutions to the market. Such ... as well, with more intelligence and automation capabilities added to ... bringing in threat intelligence from Exabeam’s own Threat Intelligence Services, the ... and other security tools and, as their requirements change over time, expand ... development Related Research Advisory Note: Real-Time Security Intelligence – 71033 Advisory Note: KRIs ... Cybersecurity – 80336 Blog: Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity: Are We There ...


There Is No “One Stop Shop” for API Management and Security Yet

by Alexei Balaganski

... Only by combining proactive application security measures for developers with continuous ... processes depending on them. Security challenges often remain underestimated We ... capable of delivering a comprehensive security solution that could cover all ... . Dedicated API security solutions that rely on real-time monitoring and analytics ... for a comprehensive API management and security architecture a hybrid deployment model is ... for proactive hardening of APIs, Real-time Security Intelligence for detecting ongoing attacks, ...

Executive View

Executive View: Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite

by Graham Williamson

... fundamental shift is occuring to real-time analytics and dynamic account control ... three elements: behavioral analytics, threat intelligence and document protection, providing a ... of-pattern activity; threat intelligence uses enterprise-level research to ... intelligence capability in the Advanced Threat Detection and Cloud App Security ... be missed. An artificial intelligence function assists administrators in configuring ... the Cloud - 71108 Advisory Note: Real Time Security Intelligence – 71033 Executive View: Microsoft ...