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Advisory Note

Advisory Note: The Disruptive Potential of Blockchains in IoT Security

by Ivan Niccolai

... the blockchain, with artificial intelligence programs then used to ... of provenance and allowing real-time traceability of sensors and ... Research Advisory Note: Real Time Security Intelligence - 71033 Advisory Note: Security and the Internet ... With Artificial Intelligence To Virtually Turn Back Time’, International Business Times, 2016 ... ... -virtually-turn-back-time-2349130. ↩ Tom ...


Why recertification isn’t sufficient anymore – time to look at user behavior and detect anomalies

by Martin Kuppinger

... to within a short period of time, all data ending up at ... behavior analytics and, beyond identities, Real Time Security Intelligence. Such technology can be implemented ... approaches and even beyond Access Intelligence. We must become able identifying ... talking about something entirely new). Time to move to the next ... ) and detecting (recertification and Access Intelligence) to responding, based on better ...


Die wahren Zugriffsrisiken kennen und verringern - real-time statt nur einmal jährlich

Access Governance ist inzwischen eine etablierte Disziplin innerhalb der Governance- und Informationssicherheitsorganisation von Unternehmen. Mit Access Intelligence-Funktionen werden vermehrt zusätzliche Analysedienste bereitgestellt, mit deren Hilfe man besondere Risiken beispielsweise durch eine ungewöhnliche Anhäufung von Zugriffsberechtigungen bei bestimmten Benutzern identifizieren kann. Access Governance arbeitet dabei auch mit Soll-/Ist-Vergleichen, also dem Abgleich von aktuellen Berechtigungen in ...


Digital Risk and Security Awareness Survey - 71252

by Martin Kuppinger

... Information Security. 26 Related Research Advisory Note: Real Time Security Intelligence - 71033 Advisory Note: Security and ... servers. Further technologies rated are      Real-time Security Intelligence on-premise [18.8%] Building/operating ... .8%] Mobile Security Solutions [13.7%] Real-time threat information as managed service [10.2%] Real-time Security Intelligence as ... .  Invest in Real-time Security Intelligence: Analyze the emerging field of Real-Time Security Intelligence solutions and plan ...

Market Compass

Market Compass: Cloud-delivered Security

by Alexei Balaganski

... additional security features and threat intelligence through API-based integrations. Essential Real-time monitoring ... provide holistic and real-time views into the whole platform’s security and compliance ... to risk in real-time and are delivered through a converged security platform that ... analytics and real-time risk assessment Major productivity boost for security analysts compared ... including email security and continuity, transactional and marketing email, real-time monitoring and ...


Are You Ready for Security Automation?

by John Tolbert

... then a SOC a security operations center or a managed security service provider sores ... ll look at these real quickly here. Security does the product ... So that's internal products, security functionality. Is that feature complete ... that, that many times customers don't think about a security incident. So ... pillar that we had was a real time collaboration. And, and this ... that requires their feedback. So real time collaboration was really key, started ... the first time in history, we've made threat intelligence actionable ...

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass: Database and Big Data Security

by Alexei Balaganski

... latest technological developments like artificial intelligence and consent management, integrations with ... -generation data and database security solution for real-time data protection in heterogeneous ... business intelligence, data analytics, cloud computing, virtualization, and information security. IBM Security Guardium ... of data protection lifecycle. Advanced security intelligence and behavior analytics. Strong focus ... – 70632 Executive View: IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform – 72515 Executive View: Oracle ...

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass: Access Governance & Intelligence

by Richard Hill

... controls, sometimes complemented by adding real-time monitoring information about access to ... Hitachi ID Identity Manager supports real-time control of user behavior in ... Access Governance and security. Overall, IBM Security Identity Governance & Intelligence is a mature IGA ... event detection and response in real-time. RSA IGL provides identity and ... more, while also participating in real-time discussions with other customers, partners ... Risk & Analytics solution provide interesting real-time graphics of user data that ...

Executive View

Executive View: Microsoft Cloud App Security

by Mike Small

... acquisition and recent improvements include real time malware detection, enhanced SAML ... user. It exploits Microsoft threat intelligence and research to identify emerging ... integration, API connectors, and real-time access and session controls leveraging ... resources in real time. Strengths and Challenges Microsoft Cloud App Security is a ... as the wealth of threat intelligence collected by Microsoft's threat ... intelligence from Microsoft threat teams. Native integration with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security ...


Whitepaper: Why Your Organization Needs Data-centric Security

by Alexei Balaganski

... -called CIA triad of information security (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability) defines ... and shortage of skilled security experts, security does not often become ... employed, providing not just real-time correlation of security telemetry across different layers ... included product lines for data security, cloud security, breach prevention, and ... approach combining edge, application security, and data security, Imperva protects companies ... Research Labs and the global intelligence community enable Imperva to stay ...