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Executive View Thycotic Secret Server

by Martin Kuppinger

... Privilege Management services nowadays range from Shared Account Password Management to Session Management and Privileged ... Behavior Analytics. Privilege Management can be ... Privilege Management, we expect to see Shared Account Password Management, Privileged Single Sign-On, Privileged ... management of shared account privileges Automated credential rotation or OTPs Secure Access to privileged ...


Smart IAM Services for the Modern Digital Enterprise

by Matthias Reinwarth

... for organizations. However, the management of these things remains less ... adding that to the access rights management of an IGA often ... sense it's it is authorization management. So the assignment, the ... in creating the right access management and achieving least privileged assignment. So having ... all users have that access that ... they cover the aspects of access management and authorization, and they use ... organization themselves do the employee management in terms of contracts ...

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Executive View Vectra Cognito

by Warwick Ashford

... include credential theft and privilege escalation to access systems and data disguised ... and event management (SIEM), firewalls, endpoint security enforcement, and network access control ... and lateral movement by adversaries. Privileged credential abuse Data exfiltration. ... can use Vectra’s AI-supported Privileged Access Analytics capability to differentiate between ... approved/malicious uses of privileged accounts. This capability is ... also addressing this with its Privileged Access Analytics (PAA) solution for ...

Market Compass

Market Compass AI Service Clouds

by Anne Bailey

The KuppingerCole Market Compass provides an overview of the product or service offerings in a certain market segment. This Market Compass covers the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Service Cloud market, focusing on the modularity of the platform, the specific coverage of key areas of the AI/machine learning (ML) development process including lifecycle management, explainability, and bias mitigation. AI Service Clouds will play an important role in democratizing AI for organizations of all sizes, for nearly ...


Whitepaper RadiantOne: Identity Integration for Zero-Trust and Digital Transformation

by Martin Smith

... and a collection of subject attributes/privileges assigned." [^#]("Rose, S. et al., ... flexible support for user authorization (privilege) attributes High-performance resilient ... a zero-trust architecture are identity management and access control. The target state ... and a collection of subject attributes/privileges assigned. "; An inventory of ... (identity) and authorization (access attributes or privileges) information for every user ... permitted any access to any ...

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Executive View Balabit Blindspotter

by Alexei Balaganski

... expertise is Privilege Management (PxM), and the company offers a specialized privileged activity monitoring ... with Balabit’s own Log Management and Privileged Monitoring solutions and additionally ... situation in which a user is accessing sensitive data from an unusual ... can prevent accumulation of unnecessary access rights. The latest release, ... a rogue administrator misusing their privileged access. Another important addition is biometric ... , zero-day attacks and privileged account misuse. Naturally, Blindspotter ...

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

by John Tolbert

... asset inventory and patch management, and vulnerability management. EDR solutions have ... This means that Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems play a ... of privileged credentials, prohibited communication attempts, attempts to access unauthorized ... management, patch and vulnerability management, MDM, SIEM, PAM, and other areas of IT management ... with vulnerability assessment and management components in Crowdstrike, Digital ... , SIEM, patch and vulnerability management, application security, cloud security, ...

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Executive View Logsign SOAR

by John Tolbert

... use of privileged credentials, prohibited communication attempts, attempts to access unauthorized ... below. Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) systems are security ... event details. Logsign's case management facilitates collaboration and allows analysts ... the downstream systems. For vulnerability management, Logsign SOAR has connectors ... for integration is Identity and Access Management (IAM). Logsign offers some ... for incidents and case management. Logsign's case management capabilities encourage analysts ...


Minimizing Security Impacts of a Growing Remote Workforce

... the organisation overnight. Many remote access options are quick to implement ... to support remote working with PAM capabilities In their talk, Martin ... remote access presents and discuss how the secure remote access and endpoint privilege management ... pillars of a PAM solution can securely ...

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Executive View Microsoft Cloud App Security

by Mike Small

... increase the management overheads. Microsoft Cloud App Security Conditional Access App ... organizational compliance obligations. Security Posture Management - The solution should provide ... be covered include administrator privileges, excessive access rights to assets and ... - 80079 Architecture Blueprint: Identity and Access Management - 72550 Architecture Blueprint: Hybrid Cloud ... Architecture Blueprint: Access Governance and Privilege Management - 79045 Architecture Blueprint: Identity and Access Management - 72550 ...