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Whitepaper Leveraging Your Organization's Expertise: Departmental IAM Services for the Business

by Matthias Reinwarth

... augmenting modern Identity and Access Management infrastructures following the Identity ... with corresponding IAM (Identity & Access Management) technologies. IGA or Identity Governance ... the principle of least privilege, for example. Access Request and Approval - ... with the Principle of Least Privilege, assuring every user, process, ... augmenting modern Identity and Access Management infrastructures following the identity ... . Related Research Leadership Compass: Access Management and Federation – 71147 Leadership ...

Leadership Brief

Leadership Brief Top Cyber Threats

by Christopher Schütze

... must be a budget for that. Access Management The employee must be seen ... cannot execute any harmful actions. Privileged Access Management Critical actions should at least ... compromised sessions and access can be prevented. For privileged actions a Privileged Access Management must be ... all devices that are allowed access. API Management APIs must be protected ... – 70278 Leadership Compass: Privileged Access Management – 79014 Whitepaper: PATECCO Privileged Access Management Services – 80037 Architecture Blueprint ...


The Security & Identity Challenges of Modern IT: Agile IT & DevOps Done Right & Secure

... is about enhancements to traditional PAM (Privileged Access Management). It is about concepts, organization ... toolchain, new services, what else? PAM for DevOps – what is different ... to traditional PAM? How to simplify security and ... , and what will change in PAM. Andre Priebe, CTO of iC ...

Executive View

Executive View IdentityIQ – SailPoint

by Graham Williamson

... . The latest release adds cloud access management capability allowing entitlements in DevOps ... business partners. Establishing a least-privileges approach to access entitlements is assisted by ... through its Cloud Access Management solution. The recently deployed ‘access discovery’ capability across ... cost of identity and access management. The streamlined access request process eliminates the ... of SoD instances and better management of privileged accounts. Cost of compliance ...


How to Stop Attacker Movement in Your Network Before They Reach your “Crown Jewels”

... credential harvesting, network discovery, and privilege escalation. Until now, defenders have ... security functions, such as privileged access management (PAM) and vulnerability management In the first part ... talk about automating the discovery, management and ultimate reduction of your ...

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Executive View Datamatics TruBot

by Warwick Ashford

... information technology, data management, and business process management services. Its service ... TruBot also includes role-based access and privilege access management that uses a credential vault ... enforce the Principle of Least Privilege by ensuring that each ... through a Role Based Access (RBAC) approach for granting privileges and logging activities ... distinct modules and need separate access credentials. TruBot, therefore, supports ... . There is also a credential management module within TruBot Cockpit that ...


Identity ist kein Selbstzweck – Unternehmenskritische Applikationen mit Identity Security absichern

by Martin Kuppinger

... geht es um das Thema Privileged Access Management. Also gleich mehrere spannende ... eben das Identity und Access Management. Mal ganz simpel auf ... Alle Siebers Sicherheitsrisiken. Identity Management zu kostenlosen Risiken können ihn ... wie das Identity und Access Management. Das bringt uns jetzt ... in meine. In meinem Access Management Access Management hinein? Dass ich damit ... vernachlässigt wird. Aber mein Access Management gibt es seit Ende der ... Valenti Management, dann ist der nächste Schritt sicherlich dieses Access ...

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Executive View RSA® Identity Governance and Lifecycle

by Martin Kuppinger

... access to electronic resources, and rules about granting administrative privileges ... Extract, Transform, Load) in addition. Privileged Access Management is a feature sometimes bundled with ... their existing investments in existing Privilege Access Management tools and connect and ... orphaned accounts, orphaned accounts with privileges, application review statuses, violation ... lead to assigning more privileges to users than are ... -scale ETL capabilities No own Privilege Management capabilities, but integrations with ...

Executive View

Executive View SAST SUITE by akquinet AG

by Martin Kuppinger

... with the principle of least privilege access. Being highly important criteria, ... of capabilities, Identity and User Access Management, the SAST SUITE provides seven ... (SoD) rules. SAST Superuser Management: Privileged User Management Module for SAP systems. Includes ... read-only access to HCM (Human Capital Management) data by privileged users. SAST ... Role Management: This module ... time required for running an access management project in SAP environments, ...

Market Compass

Market Compass Digital Workplace Delivery Platforms

by Paul Fisher

... close access to applications depending on user need and level of privilege ... from onboarding, identity, and access management rights, through to the offboarding ... list Capability Description Relevance Vendor access management tools With much of ... variably worse in areas of access management, ITSM and security. Product ... Research Architecture Blueprint: Identity and Access Management - 72550 Advisory Note: Cloud ... Buyer’s Guide: Consumer Identity and Access Management Solution – 70259 Leadership Brief: Identity ...