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Under Pressure From the Auditor: Rapid Response by Rapid Access Reviews

by Martin Kuppinger

Most organizations are aching under the pressure the feel from auditors in delivering information. A large portion of that is based on access reviews, i.e. demonstrating that the least privilege principle and related regulatory requirements are met.

Advisory Note

Advisory Note The Blockchain and Life Management Platforms

by Ivan Niccolai

... risks of privileged access abuse by providing novel approaches to key management. Yet ... mitigating against insider abuse of privileged access to user credentials or ... parties can access, and when to grant or revoke these privileges. Individuals ... their data. Insider Abuse of Privileged Access & Outsider Infiltration Prevention No ... relative or legal custodian. This privileged access itself can be a major security ... Enterprise resource management IAM Identity and Access Management IRM Information Rights Management IDoT ...

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Harness Your Identity Analytics to Deliver Contextual Authentication • Panel: Transforming Secure Access to be Intelligent

by Niklas Brask, Dr. Torsten Lodderstedt, Steve Hutchinson, Ingo Schubert, Simon Moffatt

... reduce over-provisioning and improve privileged access management systems. But what about authentication ... addition to after-the-fact access reviews. The use of sophisticated ... . When it comes to making access decisions, it’s all about acting ... need to know them. Intelligent Access provides the benefit of reducing ... ’s most valuable assets from rogue access and drive Identity and ...


Whitepaper Unified management and control of the digital workspace

by Matthias Reinwarth

... correct identities and with suitable access privileges. There are many aspects which ... requirements, the principle of least privilege and internal compliance requirements, within ... accepted that strong identity management, alongside access management and access governance, need to take ... point for access requests, supports the implementation of the least privilege principle ... and network security, identity management team, access management and access governance teams, mobile and ...

Executive View

Executive View IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM)

by Richard Hill

... ISAM provide the essentials of access management and federation use cases, but ... the first step in any access management process is to know and ... is also marketed as an Access Management and Identity Federation platform with ... some WAF capabilities for Web Access Management. ISAM provides the standard types ... product evaluation process. Strengths Mature access management platform Robust federation Risk & context ... : IBM Security Policy Management - 70953 Executive View: IBM Privileged Identity Manager – 71557

Executive View

Executive View Safe-T Software Defined Access

by Martin Kuppinger

... privileged credentials as examples, a case can be made that an access ... from long-established Web Access Management and Web Application Firewalls ... specialized solutions. As an access gateway, Safe-T’s solution provides ... applications and data access protocols, including File Access, database access, and others ... File and eMail Access, supporting seamless access of users to ... Automated Application Access, allowing API-based access to applications ... broad range of different protocols. Management of data flows (named ...

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass Identity as a Service: Cloud-based Provisioning, Access Governance and Federation (IDaaS B2E)

by Martin Kuppinger

... . IDaaS in general provides Identity & Access Management and Access Governance capabilities as a service ... Sign-On, Password Management, Access Certification, User Provisioning, and Access Request Management. Furthermore, it ... Identity Manager - 71455 Leadership Compass: Privilege Management - 72330 Leadership Compass: CIAM Platforms ... Certificate Management - 70961 Leadership Compass: Access Management and Federation - 70790 Leadership Compass: Access Governance ...

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IaaS Cloud Services for the Paranoid • Privilege Management @ BASF

by Dr. Ravindar Bindra, Christian Schwenk

Many companies today are purchasing IaaS as an extension or replacement of their internal data centers and the Infrastructure team is given the task of offering the internal customers a PaaS for their hosted applications. The question of how to secure the data remains uppermost in the minds of CISOs and now even CIOs. For the security professional - it gives a green field in which to architect the utopia of The Perfect Design. When coupled with Operational reality, a more realistic, scalable and simple ...

Combined Session

Privileged Identity and Access Management at Daimler (TSS)

by Daniel Rätsch

Executive View

Executive View BeyondTrust PowerBroker PAM

by Martin Kuppinger

... system architectures, PowerBroker PAM delivers deep support for privilege management on Windows, Unix ... privileged user behavior. Privilege Management also is part of the IAM (Identity and Access Management ... , leading to comprehensive Privilege Management suites such as BeyondTrust PowerBroker PAM. For a detailed ... overview of the leading PxM vendors, please ... refer to the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass on Privilege Management ...