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  •  TYPE: Track   DATES: May 10 - May 11, 2017
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At our Cyber Security Experts Stage in the Winter Garden you can learn more about the Cyber Challenges Today & Tomorrow, Automated Realtime Response, Governance & Risk Based Cybersecurity Strategy, Privileged Identities, Cloud Security, Designing your Future IAM Program, GDPR, Consent, Relationships, IoT Security, Secure Identity, and CIAM.


Cyber Security Experts Stage


Cyber Threat Intelligence - What this is and why it Matters?

Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 Time: 11:00-12:00 Location: WINTER GARDEN

Cyber Threat Intelligence - What this is and why it Matters?
The recent alleged hack of the US democratic party servers is an example of the challenges faced today. Statistics show that, on the average the time between an organization’s IT systems being infiltrated and them becoming aware of this is 200 days. Shared threat intelligence provides the potential for organizations to reduce this gap. Cyber criminals are constantly evolving the tools, techniques and processes (TTPs) that they use to attack their victims. They exploit a highly...

STIX/TAXII and its Impact on Threat management
Following up on the Cyber Threat Intelligence keynote on Tuesday, ‘Let Them Chase Our Robots – How Cyber Threat Intelligence Can Change the Economics of Cybersecurity,’ Richard Struse - Chief Advanced Technology Officer of the US Department of Homeland Security and chair of the OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence Technical Committee (TC), will introduce the conference attendees to the work of the OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) TC. Members of the CTI TC include...

Modern Cyber-Defense with Automated Real-Time Response: A Standards Update

Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 Time: 12:00-13:00 Location: WINTER GARDEN

Modern Cyber-Defense with Automated Real-Time Response: A Standards Update
Cyber-defense strategies are transitioning from the monolithic “complete” solutions toward systems with modular functional blocks that may be distributed. This model will facilitate sharing of cyberthreats, situational awareness and enable coordinated response to cyberattacks. This presentation will show how STIX, TAXII and OpenC2 can enable real-time cyber-defense.

Europe’s Independent Computing Cloud for Everyone’s Business
Opportunities for building a digital business in Europe are changing, and legislated requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation provide an ideal time to explore a new way forward. How could an entirely-European computing cloud address customer expectations and experiences (B2c, B2B, IoT) and what key issues need to be considered to move toward this type of transformation?

Cyber Security Experts Stage


Where Cybersecurity Strategy (Risk Management) and Practical Deployment meet

Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 Time: 14:30-15:30 Location: WINTER GARDEN

Where Cybersecurity Strategy (Risk Management) and Practical Deployment meet
A Risk based Strategy is in great demand for all organizations, but how do you formulate a risk approach that can realize a practical deployment? Are there practical examples of how to do this and can I use them to be effective in stopping the wide array of threats facing my organization? Where do you start and what tools and customized frameworks can help you to move beyond compliance to risk-based strategy that your management understands and supports? Learn how in the discussion of what...

Achieving Enhanced Security While Driving Business Growth with the Power of Identity
The world today is more advanced and interconnected than it ever has been before. The channels for information and systems access are now many and varied. In today’s IT environment, it is far easier to gain information and access through these new channels and much harder to protect it. Every business today walks the fine line between business-enabled access and appropriate security and privacy. Information security investment involves a complex set of competing priorities. Most...

RBAC to ABAC – a Pragmatic Scenario

Securing Privileged Accounts in the Cloud

Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 Time: 15:30-16:30 Location: WINTER GARDEN

Securing Privileged Accounts in the Cloud
Cloud environments are widely adopted because of the powerful, flexible infrastructure and efficient use of resources they provide to organizations of all sizes. Whether organizations are using private, public or hybrid cloud environments for infrastructure or software-as-a-service, the common goal is to achieve operational and cost benefits without giving up full control over infrastructure and data. Introducing a real challenge, privileged accounts in cloud environments are at a critical...

Protecting Privileged Active Directory and Local Accounts

Privileged Account Management Roadmap
Privileged accounts are at the heart of all major recent breaches and traditional IAM techniques are ineffective in stopping these attacks. Novel hybrid IAM/PAM and Cybersecurity techniques are required to contain the ever-evolving persistent threats we operate under. In this session, we will walk through a realistic roadmap for increasing an organization’s overall security around the management of Privileged Identities. A multi-phased approach will be outlined which addresses key...

Identity & Access Management out of the Cloud

Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 Time: 17:30-18:30 Location: WINTER GARDEN

Identity & Access Management out of the Cloud
Traditional enterprise perimeters are vanishing due to the sourcing of computing resources and applications from heterogeneous multi-cloud environments. Business processes and sensitive business data are leaving the enterprise domain. Meanwhile, new decentralized identity silos are emerging in the Cloud and have to be managed in order to maintain full access governance. Moreover, the proliferation of mobile devices and the need to collaborate on a global scale are challenging existing...

Revealed – Your Access Governance Blind Spot. How to Protect your Organisation from Financial and Reputation Losses
Many organisations that are confident that they have protected themselves from data breaches, have a false sense of security. In fact, they have a dangerous blind spot when it comes to privileged access governance. Many organisations are managing identity and access for regular users and privileged users in separate silos, blind to the risks of their failure to address privileged access governance (PAG) as part of a unified approach to governance. Join this session to identify the...

SSH Keys. Trusted Access out of Control
SSH user keys provide access to your most critical infrastructure and applications, both on premise and in the cloud. Unlike other access credentials they are the ONLY form of access that can be self-provisioned without oversight, never expire, & are not clearly linked to identity and governance polices or systems. In this session we will demonstrate for you the challenge enterprises face today and how to gain visibility, control & governance of this unharnessed access.

Cyber Security Experts Stage


10 Compelling Reasons why you should have an IAM Strategy, Blueprint & Roadmap – and how to Create these in Days, not Months

Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017 Time: 11:00-12:00 Location: WINTER GARDEN

10 Compelling Reasons why you should have an IAM Strategy, Blueprint & Roadmap – and how to Create these in Days, not Months
Too many IAM projects fail because they are done wrong. The tool is selected before the blueprint exists. The wrong tool is chosen because the problem to solve wasn’t well understood. Every successful IAM program starts with a plan (and in fact, every successful IT project starts with a plan). Strategy, Blueprint, Roadmap: These are the three essential elements for success. In this session, we will deliver the 10 compelling reasons for having these. But we will not stop there. We will...

Delivering Value to the Connected Customer: Finding the Right Approach Towards Consumer IAM
There is an opportunity for businesses to develop meaningful and long lasting relationship with their connected customers through identity management. With smart personalization strategy, businesses can adjust and optimize their service to provide a specific experience to each of their customers. Such quality of service enables the business not only to provide a better service but to also increase the level of communication, and thus keep their customers engaged and loyal.

Going Beyond CASB to Manage Tomorrow’s Threat Landscape
CIOs and CISOs are facing a fast evolving threat landscape and need to protect against a wide variety of threats, without losing IT visibility and control of cloud applications. Ensuring that corporate data in cloud apps and systems is secure is paramount. Enterprises will ultimately need to protect cloud- as well as on-premise based applications to address the challenges of tomorrow’s threat landscape and obtain a truly holistic view of their security posture. Our session...

How to Manage the User's Consent Life Cycle

Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017 Time: 12:00-13:00 Location: WINTER GARDEN

How to Manage the User's Consent Life Cycle
Companies that manage consumer identities and personal profiles have a bit more than one year left to comply with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR).   A core requirement coming up with GDPR is that parties processing personally identifiable information need to ask the user for his/her consent to do so and let the user revoke that consent any time. Keeping an audit able trail of consent and revocation during the whole customer identity life cycle is a...

Semantic Entity Relationship Management
Whether we deal with consumer, partner or employees within Identity Management: It all comes down to the relations the digital identity has. Most current IDM solutions are still driven by attributes and roles: If a matching role or attribute is assigned, access is granted (or a specific process is triggered). This works fine with a reasonable number of attributes and roles, but will fail in a mesh of connections to smart devices, things or other entities related whose might need to be...

The Enablement of an Identity-Centric SOC in the Regulatory Rumba Era
Data, People and Software security: how does them relate to the GDPR security principles? Our easy-to-use solutions provide transparent controls that can assist for implementing many of the security principles mandated by the GDPR. Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are feeling stretched as modern cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent, latent, and hidden. In this new attack landscape, network-centric security is no longer enough because threats come from inside and outside the network....

Cyber Security Experts Stage


Things Gone Wild: Security in an IoT World

Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017 Time: 14:30-15:30 Location: WINTER GARDEN

Things Gone Wild: Security in an IoT World
How long can we continue to place trust in the everyday devices we rely on? In an age of growing connectedness for everything from manufacturing robots to toothbrushes, the Internet of Things has the potential to morph from a helpful productivity enhancer into a cover for malicious infiltration of your home and office. Learn how makers can build secure "things" and the security controls operators can implement. We’ll present a simple model for assessing threats to the IoT ecosystem...

IAM for Industry 4.0

Digital Identity in the World of Connected Cars - Live Demo
How relationships bring clarity to complexity and how to solve authentication and authorization with a innovative Identity Relationship Platform from ForgeRock.

Full-Stack OAuth Security

Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017 Time: 15:30-16:30 Location: WINTER GARDEN

Full-Stack OAuth Security
The OAuth 2.0 stack has matured but it involves a whole bunch of IETF RFCs. Join Pamela Dingle in a run through of the actual protocols involved in creating an OAuth identity ecosystem that might meet PSD2, Open Banking or high-assurance corporate standards. The goal will to be to see the big picture of how all the bits combine to make a working ecosystem.

Privilege Management and IAM Considerations in Hybrid Environments
As traditional definitions of privileged and end users become blurred, privileged identity management extends to much more than managing on-premises and cloud system-level logins. More users outside our companies access our systems and applications, and most data breaches are caused by compromised credentials. It’s therefore vital to: Reduce risk and enforce consistent least-privilege access security across increasingly hybrid infrastructure 
 Understand the options for...

The Future of Cybersecurity: Giving your business Leadership the Confidence of Control
IT Security professionals today are charting a new course. The techniques used to prevent attacks in the last decade are not working. Today the systemic monitoring aimed at securing information, detects less than one percent of all data breaches. Business leaders need a new approach to secure the future of commerce and address new regulations, specifically when mitigating risks as part of digital transformation projects. In this session, we will talk about the techniques and approaches used...

Why we Should Stop Riding a Dead Horse

Date: Thursday, May 11, 2017 Time: 17:00-18:00 Location: WINTER GARDEN

Why we Should Stop Riding a Dead Horse
Amir will talk about the problems that we are facing as community with passwords. He will explain some facts how and why we failed to protect the real world applications with passwords and how we can solve a lot of that issues with multi factor solutions. Then he will go over and explain why we can’t stop there and must think a step further towards securing transactions that really hurts us to catch up with today’s demand for increased digitalization as well as the full connected...

Consumer Identity Management, Mobile and New Services Driving Innovation at Insurers to Increase Customer Interaction
Insurance companies need to reinvent themselves to stay ahead of the curve, stay current with compliancy laws and regulations and redefine the way they do business. Digital transformation for insurers means getting your customers online, knowing who the customer is and engaging with them in a meaningful way. To be successful, the customer journey is essential with a focus on mobile and social solutions. Which results in the delivery and accessibility of services across all channels. With...

Industry 4.0: IGA (Identity Governance & Administration) in Hybrid Environments
Given the fact, that information is the critical resource within organizations combined with current trends such as Internet of Things (IOT) technology, artificial intelligence and cloud computing in the age of Industry 4.0 lead to major challenges for IGA (Identity Governance and Administration) in hybrid environments. Referring to Gartner, 63% of corporations will be replacing one or more IAM (Identity and Access Management) solutions within the next two years. The main reason is that...

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