RegTech World 2017

LOCATION: Frankfurt, Germany DATE: Thursday, December 07, 2017 - Friday, December 08, 2017

RegTech World 2017

How the RegTech revolution will automate compliance and improve business efficiency.

European businesses are struggling to meet financial and regulatory requirements, many of which are more than ten years out of date. With computing and IT frameworks shifting to user-centric digital processes, regulatory compliance has not kept pace. Organisations are increasingly likely to be called out for failing on legislation that was written for the computing and business conditions from previous decades. The onset of PSD2 & GDPR in May 2018 further complicates the situation. 

RegTech World 2017 is the forum that will analyse and discuss governance and compliance for the next decade as innovative RegTech solutions emerge and mature. It will be an essential event for executives with a professional interest in risk management, compliance, identity management and security developments.  

Major topics for discussion will include how to solve immediate and standing regulatory demands in a frictionless and cost effective way that increases productivity and value.

Attendees will also hear from experts how a new operational RegTech based framework may be needed to prevent compliance and regulations hampering digital businesses across financial services and other highly regulated sectors. At the same time businesses will want RegTech solutions to adhere to consumer protection, fair competition, security and financial stability in order to stay competitive.

RegTech Europe is a joint Event with our Partner CXP (Le Groupe CXP, Paris, France).

Discussions will focus on the right IT solutions, and processes needed to implement this new digital framework as well as examine the value and viability of the landscape of new RegTech providers.

RegTech World 2017

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Frankfurt, Germany


RegTech World 2017

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  • Dec 07 - 08, 2017 Frankfurt, Germany
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Key Topics

  • Advanced Regulatory Management

  • Know Your Customer (KYC)

  • Anti fraud tech: How AI tools can help

  • Tools for GDPR, PSD2, NIS and AML regulations

  • On-boarding, Identity Platforms, Data analytics, SOCs

  • Consumer Protection services: How AI and chatbots can assist

  • The organisational challenges of Compliance 2.0,.

  • Advanced regulatory management using AI & Machine-learning

  • How to meet new compliance demands

  • Understanding the value of shared governance models


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