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Darran Rolls Identity, Security, Privacy & Compliance Advocate



Mr. Darran Rolls is a research and advisory Fellow at Kuppinger Cole. He has a long history in Identity Management and Security at companies ranging from Tivoli Systems - IBM, Waveset Technologies, Sun Microsystems and SailPoint Technologies. Over the past 20 plus years Mr. Rolls has helped design, build and deliver innovative, groundbreaking technology solutions that have defined and shaped the Identity and Access Management industry. For over 12 years, Darran was the Chief Technology Officer at SailPoint and he spent 4 years as the company’s Chief Information Security Officer, leading internal security and compliance through their successful IPO in late 2017. Today, Mr. Rolls is a Identity & Security technology specialist working exclusively with Kuppinger Cole as a research analyst and Fellow. Mr. Rolls also continues to work independently with customers and technology investors to help design and delivering the next generation of IAM solutions worldwide. Mr. Rolls has also been a frequent contributor to IAM standards at OASIS, the W3C and the IETF. He frequently speaks at industry events and to customers about IAM technologies and security solutions, offering a unique vendor In/Out perspective on designing, delivering and deploying an Identity-centric, Zero Trust oriented enterprise security architecture.
In December of 2019 Darran co-authored one of the industry’s leading texts on using IAM technologies to enhance the prevention, detection and mitigation of cyber-attacks. “Identity Attack
Vectors – Implementing an Effective Identity & Access Management Solution” is available from Amazon and leading technical book sellers at ISBN 13:978-1484251645.


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Identity Governance & Administration and Next Generation Access

Sep 15, 2020
Standing on the Beach, Looking at the Sea: Identity Governance & Administration, Today, Tomorrow and Sometime Later
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Sep 15, 2020
Panel - Re-Envisioning the Adoption of IGA in the Enterprise
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Identity Governance & Administration and Next Generation Access

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