Incident Response Management

Incident Response Management

Incident Response Management as Key Challenge to Ensure Business Continuity 

In this KC Master Class you learn how to react adequately when a cyberattack has occurred in your company. Our analysts will prepare you for this worst case scenario by showing you how to rate risks realistically and integrate these ratings into your general incident response strategy. This strategy should include incident detection, administering responsibilities within company staff, defining a communication strategy for internals and externals and gaining a deep understanding of recovery processes.
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Facing a growing number of cyberattacks with increasing severity, no company can afford not to invest in being prepared for a future incident. Having a plan which details what happens once an attack has occurred is essential to ensure business continuity. While expertise in this field is rare and consequently very expensive, outsourcing will ultimately create new obstacles and problems.

Hence, more leading companies realize that their cybersecurity team must provide comprehensive expertise in incident response (as a sub-discipline of cybersecurity and business continuity). In a nutshell, the steps to react adequately to a cyber incident are the following: Detect, respond, recover, and improve. The capabilities required for this are manifold because an efficient incident response strategy for today must cover several functional areas that go beyond the typical tasks of an IT department.

If you oversee managing the incident response plan you must get people from IT, business continuity and communications into the same boat to coordinate tasks and processes. Join this Master Class to learn how!

4 Chapters - The Way to a Proper Incident Response Management

Incident Response Management

Invest approx. 32 hours of self-learning + 1.5 days in-class attendance (online webinar and Bootcamp will be made available as recordings) to become a "KC Master for Incident Response Management"

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Incident Response Management

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