Virtual Academy

Step into our virtual multi-channel online classroom! Here you can ask for individual support from our analysts, attend interactive online sessions, read up-to-date research documents, and take a final exam to obtain a certificate for the acquired skills. Step by step, KuppingerCole Analysts will turn you into a Master with the necessary technical and methodological knowledge to protect and improve your business.
Virtual Academy KC Master Class
PAM for the 2020s
Attend this KC Master Class to learn how to protect privileged accounts of your company. Based on many years of experience, KuppingerCole Analysts will deliver practical knowledge on password management and automatic rotation, enforcement of the least privilege principle, vulnerability identification, risk management, central analysis, session management and monitoring, and efficient, comprehensive auditing.
Virtual Academy KC Master Class
Incident Response Management
In this KC Master Class you learn how to react adequately when a cyberattack has occurred in your company. Our analysts will prepare you for this worst case scenario by showing you how to rate risks realistically and integrate these ratings into your general incident response strategy. This strategy should include incident detection, administering responsibilities within company staff, defining a communication strategy for internals and externals and gaining a deep understanding of recovery processes.
Virtual Academy KC Master Class
Identity & Access Management (IAM) Essentials
In this KC Master Class you will get a deep understanding of the terms and concepts of Identity and Access Management (IAM). Our analysts will teach common use cases, the various types of technologies that are part of IAM, the interplay of IAM and other areas such as cybersecurity, IT Service Management, but also architecture and the organizational aspects such as policies, processes, and organization.
Virtual Academy KC Master Class
Business Resilience Management in a Pandemic Crisis 
Attend this KC Master Class to learn what actions you can take immediately to handle the current pandemic crisis. In a second stage, an in-depth course will help you bolster your business resilience in the future. In order to react to the current pandemic developments, this KC Master Class is conceptualized particularly flexible to fit your needs and time constraints.