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Dealing with Device and User Diversity

Facilitating secure access to employees, partners and customers using applications of all sorts from devices of all kinds (all kinds of terminals) is the theme of NetIQ's beer garden session - come see how their solutions address your Identity security needs through the entire user life cycle and multiple digital... More

IAM as a Service

An effective Identity & Access Management (IAM) is not luxury anymore. For many companies, IAM has become one of the key systems and therefore needs accurate attention from the Management as well as a professional support. The Identity & Access Management Processes has to be designed and established in a... More

Data Centric Security - A Business Focused Approach

Security needs to be viewed from a different perspective. The way we manage for years Security for the business is no longer working and is a lost battle against the complexity of the Business usage, IT means and the threats that get introduced on a daily basis. Going back to basics will help us to be more... More

IAM Today – the Evolvement of Requirements

Pascal will share his experience over the last years about the shift of the customer needs and how vendors had to adapt. 


Crowd-Source your Data Protection

The volume of data companies produce has spiraled out of control. IT security is under ever-increasing pressure to deliver secure data governance, often with minimal resources. The larger the organization, the greater the data sprawl. WhiteOPS™ crowd-powered solution educate employees about the critical... More

Making Big Data Useful – the Users Journey to Securely Accessing Secure Information

Everyone is talking about big data but for the consumers of information what does that really mean? How can an organisation protect its data assets and ensure that users only see what they should see based upon their role, entitlements, attributes and the context inwhich the information is being consumed? Add the... More

Detect and Defend Privileged Threats

Today’s Cyber-attacks are all about exploiting privileged accounts – just because it is so simple… as simple it is to take better control on the usage of these. Even now the breach of cyber-attacks has changed from external to internal it is easy to protect your privileged accounts. In... More

5 Ways to Stop Insider Threats

In a recent study, 460 employees admitted to stealing confidential data from their work place. Join Thycotic for an interactive, hands-on demo and learn how to stop an insider from taking down your organization.


Empowering the Mobile Enterprise

AirWatch is the world’s leading mobile security and enterprise mobility management provider with more than 1,600 employees across nine global offices. More than 10,000 organizations in 150 countries leverage the AirWatch® Enterprise Mobility Management Platform, which includes industry-leading mobile... More

Secure Collaboration and Web Governance: How does this fit in with IAM?

AdNovum's Nevis security and compliance suite is used by renowned institutions and companies in Switzerland and abroad to protect mission-critical online services. The Nevis suite has a modular architecture and covers all functional aspects of a modern IAM suite, including WAF (Web Application Firewall),... More

Identity Management in Hospitals - Is it Different?

Today, there are hospitals with 100 % of the patient data stored electronically (instead of paper based, as before). But most hospitals in Europe lack a proper IAM solution. Why is this the case? And what are the upcoming trends like mobile computing in the hospital or "consumer IAM": An intensified communication... More

Simple and Secure Access to Cloud-Based Services

Managing access to your critical data is key. At the same time Cloud is becoming more and more prevalent as business strives to cut costs & improve agility. An important factor to consider here is how to control the risk of having your data reside outside your internal infrastructure? NetIQ has a solution... More

How inSync Protects Data in Real-World Use Cases

  • See how inSync protects data in scenarios like accidental data deletion, hard drive failure, and device loss or theft
  • Learn how inSync's integrated solution provides capabilities beyond backup with DLP, file sharing, and governance
  • Get an in-depth look at the inSync admin... More

Customer Identity Management Survival Guide

Managing customer identities is much harder than it might look. The basic principles that guide the management of any kind of identities are the same. But the devil is in the detail. Scalability, flexibility and especially deployment efficiency are the crucial elements of success. But these are not the usual... More

Banking in an Online and Mobile World

In the last 12 months 81% of households have used online banking and 19% of households have used a mobile app to do their banking. Acceptance of online banking and smart devices are becoming ubiquitous. This trend gives opportunities for banks to tap into new client sources and serve clients 24/7 wherever and... More

Bringing Convenience to the Secure Access to Online Channels

Nowadays, authentication is the key to the security of your valuable information assets.
If you cannot distinguish the rightful user from an attacker, all other security measures are at risk.
If you want to have a secure access to your on-line and corporate applications/services you have several... More

Is the Importance of Multifactor Authentication Delivery Models Overrated?

Strong authentication is becoming more ubiquitous, more commoditized and more heavily consumed within the enterprise and beyond. This begs the question: Is the commoditization and consumerization of authentication driving the adoption of cloud-based authentication services, or is authentication as a service a... More

Effective Data Cleaning and assigning accounts as a fast entry into Compliance and Identity Management

Besides all the new trends in the area of identity and access management, every project starts with data quality issues. Questions like “What accounts, roles and entitlements are still valid?”, “Who is the owner of that accounts”, “Who is responsible for those service account?”... More

User Centric Secure Mobile Access

Areas such as mobility and security are high on the agenda for most businesses today with challenges how to achieve user friendly security for email and products such as Microsoft Lync on mobile devices. A good mobile security strategy has to originate from users and business, not from technical products that... More

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