Pre-Conference Events

Kantara Initiative Summit

2012 brings new opportunities for identity services in the eGovernment and private markets.

Gain “state-of-identity” insights through a series of presentations of common scenarios from diverse market leaders. Join a host of industry experts for this pre-conference workshop to hear the latest on operational and technological approaches to Assurance compliance. This workshop will also touch on the developing NSTIC US strategy and its details with in context of a multi-national domain (EU Directives, etc). More

A review of the Status of Key Internet Identity Protocols OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 and Account Chooser

A high level overview of the protocol, and an explanation of why major technology companies have standardized on it including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. We will also discuss how the functionality of the OpenID v2 protocol has been reimplemented on top of OAuth to create OpenID Connect. The session will also review the new Account Chooser protocol and discuss the security problems of websites that run their own password based login systems. More

OASIS: Identity, Privacy, and Data Protection in the Cloud – What is Being Done? Is it Enough?

Join a host of industry experts for this pre-conference roundtable, to hear the latest on what is being done to protect identity and ensure privacy within the cloud. This three-part interactive roundtable will open-up the dialogue on this topic, so come prepared to share information, insights and ideas.

Part one of the roundtable will focus on the latest developments in the standards community, addressing important key identity, data protection and privacy issues in the Cloud.

Part two will take a deeper dive into the obstacles, barriers, and successes identified in the many OASIS IDCloud case studies submissions. A representative from the OASIS... More

ISACA Workshop: Cloud Assurance

As enterprises look for innovative ways to save money and increase the trust and value in their information systems, cloud computing has emerged as an important opportunity, offering enterprises a potentially less expensive model to handle their computing needs and accomplish their business objectives. Cloud computing offers enterprises many possible benefits but also comes with some relevant risks, which need to be assessed and controlled. More

Next-Generation Identity Management
Leverage your Investments by Putting Access Governance in the Centre

In this workshop, you will explore how governance-based identity management helps companies holistically manage their evolving IT environments in light of today's business realities. You will gain knowledge of best practices for implementing this new approach to identity management without disrupting existing processes or deployed technologies. We will make recommendations on how to chart your path from manual/legacy approaches to a new generation of identity management solutions.

Managing identity has never been more challenging. Enterprises are under pressure to run efficient operations and provide visibility into every aspect of the organization – and to... More

Identity Services - Meet the Business Demands with your Identity Management and Access Governance Infrastructure

Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst at Kuppinger Cole and Jim Taylor, Vice President Identity and Security Management at NetIQ will discuss how to provide what Business really needs, based on your existing Identity Management and Access Governance infrastructure. This workshop is about the path from today’s technology- and tool-focused, common approaches on IAM (Identity and Access Management) and IAG (Identity and Access Governance) towards an approach, which supports the requirements of business for Information Security on one hand, but also the Agility to meet new business requirements. More

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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012

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