Martin Kuppinger - Who "Owns" Responsibility for the Consumer Identity?

When organizations start looking at managing consumer identities in a more consistent, integrated way, they quickly observe the challenge that many parties are involved. Sales owns the CRM, marketing might own the consumer-facing web-sites and apps, while the Information Security or a dedicated IAM (Identity and Access Management) team will claim the responsibility for technically managing identities, their authentication, and their access. And when we start talking about KYC, Corporate Audit also comes into play. Not to forget the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and some other parties. To succeed with Consumer Identity Management, CIAM, and KYC, organizations need to define responsibilities and rethink their organizational structures. They have to make decisions, both at the organizational level and at the technical levels. Decisions bear consequences. Splitting Enterprise IAM and Consumer IAM might lead to disparate, complex-to-integrate IT environments, but might bring the agility needed in the Digital Transformation. Having too many stakeholders might result in slowdowns of projects, killing the agility you need in the Digital Transformation. Lacking an integrated approach might result in security and compliance risks as well as overly high investments into technology.

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