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The Decadence of Stuxnet, Duqu, Staatstrojaner and other Government produced Vermin

It seems that we now have entered the “Age of Political Cretinism”, with governments reducing themselves to either waste money or produce malware. We have several recent examples for this tendency: Stuxnet, Duqu and similar, ( have alook at Martin's recent blogpost on this ) well elaborated and dangerous trojans aiming at large industrial facilities on the one side, and poorely timbered Trojans used to regain the option to spy anybody's communication with anyone in a time where skype and similar services have made this more difficult for governments. The German so-called “Staatstrojaner”...


UBS: No Guts, No Glory

I just read that UBS is reporting some 2 Billion $$ damage from "unauthorized deals" one of their investment bankers made. 2 years after Kerviel / Société Generale. This is the hard way of learning things. The only thing that now might really help those who will be asked why somebody is able to do unauthorized deals and create 2 Billion Dollars loss: Get the latest album from Australian Hard Rock Band Airbourne: "NO GUTS NO GLORY", take a day off and listen to it. Or for immediate relief, have a look at their " NO WAY BUT THE HARD WAY " video. Great music.


GlobalSign interrupt their Certificate Services and ask Fox-IT to Investigate Alleged Security Breach

Only hours after the individual/group claiming responsibility for the DigiNotar hack had posted on pastebin, that he/they have access to 4 more high profile CAs and had named GlobalSign to be one of those 4, GlobalSign reacted and released a statement that they have ceased to issue any SSL certificates. Also GlobalSign have asked Fox-IT for e-discovery and investigative services to verify the hacker's claim. GlobalSign, a GMO Internet Inc. company since 2006, has its roots in Belgium. Back in 2000, Vodafone had bought a 40% share of GlobalSign through their German subsidiary D2...


The DigiNotar Hack, Black Tulips, Rogue Certificates and what You're not Being Told about PKI and Risk

DigiNotar is a Dutch "Internet Trust Provider" running a Certificate Authority (CA),  selling SSL Certificates and digital signature solutions. DigiNotar had recently been bought by VASCO .  On August 30, 2011, DigiNotar/VASCO reported that DigiNotar detected on July 19th, 2011 an intrusion into their CA infrastructure, "... which resulted in the fraudulent issuance of public key certificate requests for a number of domains, including " In the meantime we know that so far the known number of fraudulently created certificates is beyond 500 and it concerns domains like...


New Survey

All participants of the survey will receive a complementary copy of the survey results report, its key findings and recommendations. And even in private environments, either on-premise or in dedicated environments of service providers, things are changing. In this survey, we'd like to understand your views and experiences on security in virtualized environments and the developments happening in this space. How do you secure your virtual environments today? And how does your future roadmap look like?  Kuppinger Cole have launched a survey on these questions and based on the...


Identity Management is key to Smart Grid Security

In 10-12 years from now, the whole Utilities and energy market will look dramatically different. Decentralization of energy production with consumers converting to prosumers pumping solar energy into the grid and offering  their electric car batteries as storage facilities, spot markets for the masses offering electricity on demand with a fully transparent price fixing (energy in a defined region at a defined time can be cheaper, if the sun is shining or the wind is blowing strong), and smart meters in each home being able to automatically contract such energy from spot markets and then...


Once again a great speaker lineup - EIC 2010 Agenda Preview

Once again, we are very lucky at Kuppinger Cole, that so many excellent experts from all over the world forward their speaker proposals for the European Identity Conference (EIC), which this year will take place on 4th to 7th May, again in Munich (we will move to a new venue next year!). The agenda is still in draft mode and many things yet have to be added or modified, but if you want to have a first look, even before it is officially published, here is the link: . Some very exciting and controversal strategic views, like for example Munich...


Google StreetView and German Politics: Panem et Circensis

It has been a successful political strategy since the roman empire to divert the people with petty amusements instead of showing attitude. In this sense, German Consumer Minister Ilse Aigner is hitting at Google StreetView and proposes legal action against the camera cars cruising through German cities taking photos. A the same time, the same government successfully implemented a law that forces any communication provider to store all communication data for at least 6 months and make it available to government institutions without a legal warrant. The same government allowes tax...


Data Leakage Prevention - Something (not only) Swiss Banks Should have a Closer Look Into

It has been in the press and Martin already wrote something in his blog about it -German tax authorities have been approached by various individuals who want to sell information about Germans who hold bank accounts at some Swiss Banks, like Credit Suisse and UBS. I don't want to go into the discussion, wether such a deal, where the government buys "stolen" data (I put it into brackets, because over here, data are not a thing and only things can be stolen) from somebody, is immoral or not. But it certainly is pushing the market for customer information, if it's value becomes as visible as...

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