OT and IoT Security

Cybersecurity has traditionally focused on Information Technology (IT) not Operational Technology (OT) for several reasons. First, unlike IT that is used for administrative operations, OT or the hardware and software that is used to manage industrial operations was not connected to any network. Second, many of the tools were mechanical. Third, those tools with digital controls used closed, proprietary protocols. Fourth, OT commonly and historically is organizationally segregated from IT. However, things have changed, and as a result OT needs to be given the same security consideration as IT.

Most industrial systems now have digital controls and are connected to IT systems and networks to enable remote monitoring, data analysis, and maintenance. The other significant change is that internet-connected sensors that make up part of the Internet of Things (IoT) have moved into office environments (mainly consumer IoT) and industrial control systems (commonly known as Industrial IoT or...

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