KC Master Class Business Resilience Management

KC Master Class
Business Resilience Management in a Pandemic Crisis

Learn How to Define Management Strategies to Weather a Crisis

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32 hours of self-study

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Master the Art of Business Resilience Management

The KC Master Class: Business Resilience Management in a Pandemice Crisis delivers specific knowledge for a working group or board to know exactly what actions to take when a crisis occurs. Our analysts will guide you through each chapter to pass the final exam and become a KuppingerCole certified Master of Business Resilience Management.

KC Master Class BCM 4 Chapters

"There are myriad of courses promising to teach you how to succeed in the tough times, however this one has a real example - KuppingerCole itself. The company has been hit by the pandemic as most of the SMEs and instead of going into survival panic, they approached the task in a well thought and structured manner. This is what the 'Business Resilience Management in a Pandemic Crisis' will teach you - reinventing yourself and your business to come stronger in the mid of a pandemic crisis."
Anton Topurov, Service Delivery Manager, Cloud Security and Card Service, Luminor Bank AS

Conquer Your Challenges

Step by step, you will get knowledge to equip you and your team to make short and long-term adjustments to business models, IT operations, and management strategies to weather a crisis. Watch the video to learn what this online training course has in store for you!

Complements prior knowledge
Professionals in Managerial and Technical Positions

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Building on What You Already Have

  • Defining Crisis Situations
  • Adapting existing Concepts for Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

  • Disaster Operations Plan (DisOps)

  • Creating and Staffing a DisOps Plan
  • Re-Prioritizing

  • Business Priorities in a Pandemic
  • How IT must support

  • Organizational and Process Requirements

  • Culture of Resiliency
  • Flexible Organizations
  • Visualizing Security

  • Using Reference Architectures
  • Identifying Gaps

  • Identity Services Under Pressure

  • Do's and Don'ts in a Crisis
  • Infrastructure Architecture

  • Designing a Secure Distributed Network Infrastructure

  • Workforce Safety & System Safety

  • Enterprise Threats, Protection & Mapping the IT to it
  • Adopting Best Practices in Cyber Hygiene

  • Cyber Hygiene explained & its Role in BCRM

  • Re-Priotizing Existing IT-Projects

  • Process to identify and prioritize
  • Criteria and their Application
  • Safely Running (Critical) Infrastructures with Limited Resources

  • Challenges in a Crisis
  • Setup to Run Safely

  • Identity Driven Fabric of Digital Trust

  • Role of Digital Identities & Identity Fabrics in Digital Transformation
  • Reducing Supply-Chain Dependencies

  • Supply-Chain Risk Management
  • Challenges, Sample Scenarios, Necessary Components

  • Mitigating the Risk and Cost of Uncertainty

  • COVID-19 Challenges
  • Cyber Risk Governance Approach
  • Security Fabric: Overview and Benefits
  • Emerging Technology Solutions for Crisis Situations

  • Business Model Adjustments
  • IoT Impact
  • Decentralized Identity Solutions
  • AI & Robotics Opportunities

  • Measuring and Improving Resilience

  • KPIs, KRIs & Scorecards
  • Choosing & Applying Metrics
  • Learn How to Weather a Crisis

    A pandemic. It is that one single punch that strikes above your organization’s weight that makes you feel the vulnerability of a hyper-networked global digital economy. Across industries, the COVID-19 outbreak is heavily disrupting supply chains and causing both large and small businesses to close down branches and offices.

    This particular crisis was unexpected, but its repercussions will carry on into the future – a black swan – and need to be managed as such. As the first pandemic in the world of digital excess, complete with near-instantaneous stock reactions to excessive reporting and volatile public sentiment, this pandemic will set the tone for those that will inevitably follow.

    KC Master Class: The Sustainable Solution

    This requires action to decouple digital processes from their risky outputs in times of crisis, and to enable people to work seamlessly anytime and anywhere, so as to minimize human and IT exposure to infection and attack. These capabilities span from IAM to cybersecurity and there are risk mitigation measures that can be taken immediately, and long-term IT initiatives that will prepare your organization to handle the next black swan, pandemic or not.

    Attend this KC Master Class to learn what actions you can take immediately to handle the current pandemic crisis. In a second stage, an in-depth course will help you bolster your business resilience in the future. In order to react to the current pandemic developments, this KC Master Class is conceptualized particularly flexible to fit your needs and time constraints.

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    The Master Class is an e-learning program divided in self-training and interactive virtual in-class sessions. An average time of 32 hours of self-learning and 12 hours of in-class learning is to be expected.

    To register for the event, you need to log in to your KuppingerCole User first. If you do not have a KuppingerCole User yet, you can sign up here. After logging in, please enter your requested personal data which is necessary for the further administration of your registration. Once registered, a booking confirmation will be sent to your indicated email address.

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    Hier wollten wir doch schreiben: The investment for this training is 1,500€ (plus VAT where applicable) and includes digital training material (slide decks, recordings, class notes, research), individual guidance, a short learning assessment after each chapter as well as a final certificate confirming the completion of the class.

    After registering for the Master Class, you will receive an automatic email with a link to the online training platform, where you will find all digital training materials. Please click on the link and follow the further instructions.
    If you didn’t receive the class enrollment email and cannot find it in your spam folder, please contact Ms. Lauren Zuber. She will get back to you within one business day.