KC Master Class PAM for the 2020s

KC Master Class
PAM for the 2020s

Learn How to Design a Future-Proof Privileged Access Management Strategy

Online Course
32 hours of self-study

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Master the Art of Privileged Access Management

The KC Master Class: PAM for the 2020s provides practical knowledge on how to approach PAM in your organization. Our Analysts will guide you through the class to turn you into a KuppingerCole certified Master of Privileged Access Management.

KC Master Class PAM 4 Chapters

"The training has provided me with a lot of useful information, but beyond that also with applicable documents that will help me to further advance the PAM topic in my organization in the next weeks and months."
Olaf Breil, Wirecard

Conquer Your Challenges

Step by step, you will achieve knowledge to protect the privileged accounts of your organization. Watch the video to learn what this online training course has in store for you!

Complements prior knowledge
Professionals in Managerial and Technical Positions

Privileged Access Management Brochure
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Defining PAM

  • Criteria for Privileged Accounts
  • Traditional PAM Capabilities and Beyond

  • Scoping PAM

  • PAM vs: IGA, Cybersecurity and Remote Access
  • PAM as Part of IAM Reference Architecture, Access Governance and Identity Fabric
  • 3 Pillars of PAM: traditional, as-a-service, for DevOps
  • Drivers and Benefits

  • Privileged Accounts
  • External & Internal Requirements
  • Threats & Benefits

  • PAM Capabilities Explained

  • Components of Modern PAM
  • Core Capabilities and Requirements

  • Shared Account Password Management
  • Privileged Session Management

  • Extended Capabilities and Requirements

  • Application-to-Application Password Management
  • Privileged User Behavior, and more
  • Capabilities and Requirements of New Approaches

  • Cloud-integrated PAM/ PAM as-a-service
  • PAM for DevOps

  • PAM Generic Capabilities

  • What PAM Tools Must Deliver for Overcoming PAM Specific Risks
  • Architecture Models

  • Integrating PAM with the wider Organization
  • PAM Architecture Models & the Future
  • PAM Operational Models

  • On premises, cloud, hybrid PAM

  • Manageable Risks and Advantages
  • Integrating PAM & IGA

  • The Need for PAM Integrations
  • How to Integrate PAM & IGA

  • Rollout Considerations

  • Planning
  • Risk Mitigations
  • Policies and Golden Rules

  • Need for Policies
  • Structure of Policies
  • Samples for Golden Rules

  • Organization

  • PAM As Part of an IAM Organization
  • Required Roles and Teams for Dedicated PAM Organization
  • Processes

  • KuppingerCole’s IAM Process Framework
  • Requirements for Processes and Integration

  • Regulations

  • Regulations to Consider for PAM Deployment: ISO 27001:2013, GDPR
  • The Importance of PAM in the 2020s

    The introduction of cloud technologies, the increasing size of the mobile workforce and the emerging dependency on outsourced IT staff have led to the gradual disappearance of the secure and trusted enterprise network and the emergence of a new hybrid reality.

    Consequently, more and more leading companies are realizing that their cybersecurity team must provide comprehensive expertise in privilege management. The capabilities required for this are manifold, because an efficient PAM strategy for today must cover several functional areas.

    Only a holistic approach delivers the necessary visibility into every administrative activity across environments, platforms, applications and services.

    KC Master Class: The Sustainable Solution

    However, professionals and expertise in this field are rare and therefore expensive. Outsourcing this challenge to third parties is more likely to create new hurdles than to overcome existing ones. With this KC Master Class, KuppingerCole offers an internal qualification program for a sustainable solution.

    Attend this KC Master Class to learn how to protect privileged accounts of your company. Based on many years of experience, KuppingerCole Analysts will deliver practical knowledge on password management and automatic rotation, enforcement of the least privilege principle, vulnerability identification, risk management, central analysis, session management and monitoring, and efficient, comprehensive auditing.

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    The Master Class is an e-learning program divided in self-training and interactive virtual in-class sessions. An average time of 32 hours of self-learning and 12 hours of in-class learning is to be expected.

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    Hier wollten wir doch schreiben: The investment for this training is 1,500€ (plus VAT where applicable) and includes digital training material (slide decks, recordings, class notes, research), individual guidance, a short learning assessment after each chapter as well as a final certificate confirming the completion of the classs

    After registering for the Master Class, you will receive an automatic email with a link to the online training platform, where you will find all digital training materials. Please click on the link and follow the further instructions.
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